3 Smart Ways to Help Yourself Stay Focused While Working

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By Richard

Do you ever feel like it’s impossible to keep focused? You crave the ability to concentrate intensely on a project, task, or moment but can’t seem to muster the discipline.

Don’t feel bad about yourself; you’re not alone. For myriad reasons — not the least of which is our collective and unavoidable addiction to a digital lifestyle — increasing numbers of people find it difficult to concentrate. Some scientists and sociologists argue that lack of focus has reached epidemic proportions.

The trend raises an important question: How can you hone your attention span in a world fueled by short bursts and information overload? After all, in many ways, superior concentration skills are the key to success. So, how can you improve your focus?

1- Establish a Steller Sleep Routine

Apologies if you’ve heard what we’re about to say a zillion times before, but it’s true: The better you sleep, the better your focus will be.

What are the best ways to ensure you get quality shut-eye?

  1. Reduce stimuli in your bedroom. The less noise and light, the better.
  2. Increase your sun exposure during the day. Studies show that amping the amount of bright light you take in during waking hours improves sleep health. According to Healthline.com, people who spend more time in bright light during the day had an 83% easier time falling asleep at night.
  3. Adjust your bedroom temperature. Typically, sleep scientists cite 70 degrees Fahrenheit as the ideal temperature, but keep in mind that’s an average. Standard regional climates also play a role. Basically, you want to ensure you’re not freezing or shivering at night, which can prevent you from getting a solid night’s rest.
  4. Avoid the following foods before bedtime: chocolate, onions, garlic, oranges, grapefruits, carbonated drinks, spicy foods, alcohol, coffee, tea, and processed foods.

Other tips include finding a mattress that works well for you and sticking to a regular bedtime.

3- Incorporate CBD Into Your Diet

CBD — or cannabidiol — is proving to be a wonder supplement that many people say helps with myriad discomforts, including anxiety, insomnia, and pain.

Individuals also report that CBD is an effective sleep aid, which contributes to better focus. Furthermore, since the compound has been found to help alleviate aches, it may also assist in shifting focus away from pains and toward desired tasks.

CBD can be taken in various ways, including oil drops and infused edibles.

Step Up Your Brain and Nutritional Health

Healthy people have stronger concentration skills. Thankfully, you can turbo-charge your brain and body chemistry.

Studies suggest that consistently exercising your brain with small cognitive challenges — like brushing with your non-dominant hand and playing “brain games” — keeps the gray matter in peak condition.

Another super way to optimize brain health is to practice mindfulness, the art of living in the moment. While intense meditation can be a game changer, regularly sitting quietly for a few minutes each day can do wonders when it comes to concentration aptitude. When you notice your thoughts wandering, simply shift your focus back to something simple, like the sound of your breath or the beat of your heart.

The nutritional formula is simple: Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins. Also, avoid added sugar.

Improving focus can be challenging at first, but the rewards are immeasurable if you stick with it.

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