3 Ways To Volunteer Your Time For Good Causes & Services

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By Jacob Maslow

Volunteering is a noble thing to do, as your time is precious, so choosing to use it to help charities, nonprofits, and other good causes deserves recognition.

There are many different ways to go about this, so let’s explore a few options and examples to help you choose where and how to volunteer in your community.

1. Use Your Tech Skills to Help Organizations Streamline their Services

If you’ve got tech skills, it makes sense to put them to use for a good cause rather than just in a professional capacity.

For instance, many social service organizations require custom social services software solutions that meet the unique needs of their clients and staff. The problem is that these can be expensive or time-consuming to implement correctly.

In this context, you can offer your technical expertise to help these groups maximize their technology investments. You could assist with database management, user interface design, project management tasks, and more while doing something great for those who need it most!

You don’t necessarily have to work directly on-site, either. Many organizations are turning towards remote volunteers to keep costs low and operate safely. Working remotely also means you can potentially reach more people in need across geographical locations worldwide, making it an actual win-win situation.

2. Join a Local Volunteer Group in your Community

Volunteering doesn’t have to be an individual pursuit. You can use it to connect with like-minded people and simultaneously join forces for good causes.

Joining a volunteer group gives you access to resources, including training opportunities and other activities that can help strengthen your skills and forge social bonds. Moreover, joining up with others is often more fun than going alone.

Start by looking for volunteering opportunities around where you live. Many organizations or groups likely need volunteers right now, across a range of disciplines, from wildlife preservation and trash collection to food preparation and beyond. It helps if the work and the cause are already close to your heart, as it will be easier to justify committing your time.

Smaller local initiatives may be able to provide flexible working hours, which makes them ideal if you want something less intensive than full-time volunteering work, yet still make an impact on someone’s life positively.

3. Start a Fundraising Campaign with Friends and Family

Fundraising is one of the best ways to support causes you are passionate about. You don’t have to be an experienced fundraiser either, as modern tools mean it’s easy for anyone to get started.

You can create a standalone fundraising website online, although using existing platforms like GoFundMe for this purpose is simpler. Then all it takes is inviting your friends, family members, and colleagues to join in and provide their financial support for the cause in question.

Again, it’s better to put your efforts into gathering funds for something you have a personal connection with. This will make your reasons for supporting it immediately apparent to people in your social circles.

As part of this, be sure you update people regularly on how their donations are helping make an impact so that they feel more engaged. You can also encourage others beyond your immediate circle by promoting through social media. This tactic lets you reach out virtually while spreading awareness of important issues.

The Bottom Line

Whether you use your existing skills or plan to learn new abilities on the job, volunteering your time and doing your bit for worthy causes is always rewarding. So it’s something everyone should commit to if they’re able.

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