3 Reasons of Using a Professional IT Service for Data Recovery

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By Richard

When an old hard drive fails or a computer virus overwrites files, it’s important to recover as much data as possible, especially if those files contain information with monetary or emotional value.

There are many programs and services aimed at helping consumers recover data from damaged hard drives, although in many cases, it may be advantageous to hire a professional IT service to handle the recovery efforts. Let’s take a look at three reasons why that’s the case.

1- Experience

A professional IT service will likely have recovered data from hard drives in much worse conditions than yours many times. The staff will have hundreds of hours of experience repairing corrupted files and getting back as much data as possible for other customers.

Unless you have a similar experience and have recovered dozens of hard drives in your life, you’re probably better off sticking with professional services. That’s not to say you aren’t good at IT but simply that actual experience is better than thinking to yourself, “This should be no problem.”

2- Better Tools at Their Disposal

There are many programs for recovering data from hard drives, some of which will naturally work better than others in a given situation. A quality professional IT service will likely have more than one, just in case the first attempt doesn’t work (or at least, doesn’t work as well as the company or the customer would like).

Unless you want to pay for multiple programs that may or may not work, it’s a good idea to let a professional handle it. You could always try to get a refund on those programs that didn’t solve your problem but (spoilers for reason #3!) your time and money are likely better spent elsewhere.

3- Frees Up Your Time

As the old saying goes, “time is money”. You could save a few dollars by recovering the data yourself but the amount of time you spend doing so (specifically, the hours you spend not doing something more productive) will almost certainly result in a net loss for you.

A professional IT service will be able to run the right program in a matter of minutes (or hours, depending on how much data needs to be recovered and how big the hard drive is) while doing other things while it processes. If the data can be recovered, they’ll be able to do it within a day or so (depending on how many other customers they have). Conversely, it could take you days or even weeks if you have to hunt down a program capable of doing what you need.

These are just three reasons why it’s highly recommended to leave data recovery to the professionals. Although it may seem like a good idea to save some money and do it yourself, it’ll almost certainly be cheaper and faster to hire a professional IT service to do it for you. They’ll very likely have better tools at their disposal and more experience in making the data recovery successful.

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