3 Key Ways to Make a Corporate Relocation Easier on Employees

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By Richard

A corporate relocation is a big event that can be hard on employees, especially if they have to move to a new location. Moving because of work can be frustrating, especially if you go beyond state lines. This means employees have to leave their old lives behind for a new place courtesy of the employer. To make a move easier, you need to do everything possible to ease the burden and smoothen the transition for everyone involved.

During the relocation process, you need to consider your employees’ thoughts and feelings. This way, you can have a peaceful transition with everyone onboard. Below are key ways to make a corporate relocation easier on employees.

1- Send a Checklist to Your Team

As mentioned before, corporate relocation is a big event that requires substantial planning and organizing. The best way to go about this is by creating a checklist for the business and assigning roles to employees. A checklist will help your employees manage their tasks and get the job done within the allocated timeframe. Remember to send every team member a checklist a few days or weeks before the move; this way, they can know their specific tasks during relocation.

Sending a checklist to your employees is part of keeping them in the loop. Please include all the information they may need about packing ad how they will work closely with professional commercial movers. You should also tell them which equipment they will be responsible for during the transition. Remember that giving them this information on time helps prevent interference with their work and ensures they are not overwhelmed.

2- Offer Assistance in Finding Temporary Housing

One of the main challenges of relocating for work is finding affordable housing, especially for your employees. If you don’t offer housing as part of the relocation package, you should help your employees find options for temporary housing. This can be discounted prices for long-term hotel suites or paying for an Airbnb for a specified period. You can choose to arrange the temporary option or provide employees with a list to explore. The bottom line is don’t let your team wander around the new location looking for affordable housing.

You can also help employees with children find good schools. Appoint someone to research the best school districts and provide your employees with all the information needed to transition between schools. This way, your employees and their families can relocate smoothly.

3- Offer to Ship their Vehicles

Moving from one state or city to another can be expensive for your employees, especially if they need professional help. However, you can step in and offer to pay to ship their vehicles. This way, you can help reduce moving expenses and make relocation much easier. As an employer, you may not have the experience or expertise required to move vehicles from one place to another. However, you can hire a professional shipping company to help move the cars, preferably with insurance coverage. Moving can be hectic; talk to your employees and understand their needs to find the best way to help ease the transition.

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