14 Tips for Maintaining Your Luxury Travel Trailer

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By Jacob Maslow

Do you love traveling the country in your luxury RV? Seeing all of the beautiful landmarks that the U.S. has to offer from the comfort of your cozy trailer is an unmatched experience. But, there is only one problem. How do you take care of it?

Read on to discover 14 tips for maintaining your luxury travel trailer.

Annual Maintenance

Taking yearly steps to maintain your RV is crucial. This can include steps, but here are a few important ones.

1. Air Conditioning Unit and Heat

Like a well-kept car or home unit, having your RV’s AC tuned up annually is a must. That way, you can be confident that you will always be comfortable no matter where you go or what season it is.

2. Check Exterior Seals

The lifespan of an exterior seal on an RV dramatically depends on how often you take your RV out and what elements of nature they contact. Because it is a moving target, it is recommended that you treat or replace your seals every year.

3. Maintain the Brakes

This goes without saying. Just like the car you drive to work every day, you need to maintain your breaks, giving you the confidence to travel to any location you want.

4. Check On the Propane Connection

Keep an eye on your propane. Every year or 5,000 miles, you should hire a propane worker to check and service your propane tank.

5. Test and Update Safety Precautions

For carbon monoxide and fire alarms, keep them well maintained. It’s good to check their batteries, vacuum them, and wipe them down to ensure they are always working correctly.

Seasonal Maintenance

Whether you are putting your RV up for the winter or taking it out for the summer, you should do a few things every season before you put it in storage or take it on the road. Here they are.

6. Check and Maintain Your Tires

Check your tires. Ensure the tread is ready for the next trip, correct tire pressure, and the lug nuts are tight. Ensuring that your tires are properly maintained is probably one of the most important steps you could take.

7. Clean the Water Tank

You should pour the cleaning solution of your choice about twice a year into your water tank (most typically choose bleach), let it sit, and then drain it out. This will keep your water clean and safe to drink.

8. Clean the Entire Interior

This may go without saying for some, but if you want to keep your luxury trailer in tip-top shape, you should deep clean the interior after every use. This is especially important if you are putting it away for the winter. It will keep stains from setting in and pests from making a new home inside your trailer.

9. Rust Prevention

Take care of the bottom too. It is not all about looks. Washing the bottom of your trailer and applying lubricants to all moving and latching parts will ensure that your trailer stays pristine for as long as you use it.

10. Look For Damaged Areas

Always inspect for damaged areas of your trailer. The open road is unpredictable, and if a rock leaves a small hole in your RV, you will want to know about it. Pests typically don’t even need an inch to be able to get in.

Monthly Maintenance

Monthly maintenance steps are the things you may want to consider doing before or after every trip. Keeping up with these elements will help ensure your safety and the longevity of your luxury trailer.

11. Pest Control is Key

Be sure to check every crack and crevice of your trailer before hitting the road. Pests love making RVs their home, so it is always good to check and treat your trailer for all potential pest-related problems.

12. Clean Vents and Replace Filters

To ensure that you and the rest of your travelers are comfortable throughout your trip, check that your vents are vacuumed and your filters are in good shape. Maximizing the flow of your air conditioner unit will save power and make your trip more enjoyable.

13. Check On Batteries

Check all batteries and bring spares. Whether it’s the smoke alarm, the electric lantern, or the TV remote. They don’t sell batteries in the great outdoors.

14. Clean and Check Bathrooms

Make sure the bathrooms are clean and ready to go. Cleaning out pipes, sinks, faucets, and everything else will help keep you away from clogs and unwanted smells. Don’t forget your plunger!

The Takeaway

Camping with a luxury camper is an unbeatable experience. Enjoying nature in all its glory while having the comfortable amenities of modern life is an authentic version of paradise. So, make sure your trailer lasts as long as possible by following these maintenance tips. Happy traveling!

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