11 Common Reasons Why Most Beginners Lose Money Trading Forex

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By Jacob Maslow

The Forex market is the biggest financial market in the world. More than $5 trillion is traded daily on the Forex market. Yet, even though tens of millions of traders are in the market, only a few make progress. Since there are only two options in Forex trading, we might think that at least half of the traders are making money. But that’s not true at all. Research shows that traders’ worst enemy is themselves and that the reason most traders lose money is that people are flawed. We’ve put together 11 of the most common reasons why most new Forex traders lose money.

It’s not easy to trade digital assets. If you don’t want to lose your money, you’ll need to research and plan. Unfortunately, when traders don’t do their homework and think that trading is all about luck, they lose a lot of money and give up on trading because it’s too hard.

If you are thinking about investing and trading Forex with your hard-earned money, take some time to read the tips below. You are one big step away from losing all your money to Forex trading.

1. Starting up with very little capital

People who don’t have much money often try their luck on the Forex market because they think it’s an easy way to make money quickly.

Forex marketers make things worse by telling new traders to use more leverage to get more money for the small amount they have put in. This is very risky, and you will lose all your money if you do it. In Forex, the patient’s dog usually eats the fastest bone.

When starting up, you need a lot of money. With $1,000, you can begin to make a good amount of money with a low level of risk. However, if all you have to spare is $100 or $200, you might want to take some time to save up.

2. Managing Risk and Money Poorly

Stop-loss and take-profit buttons are built into websites that let you trade Forex. These buttons allow you to limit your trading risk. Still, some people refuse to use them, going all the way. Trading Forex requires more than just understanding the market and developing trading strategies. It also requires strategy and discretion. Everyone wants to make as much money as possible. Also, it is much better to leave the game with a bit of money than to stay and leave with nothing. Successful traders are always aware that keeping their capital is just as important as making money, if not more important. This helps them move carefully.

3. Trading more than you should

Professional and successful forex traders rarely go to the market to trade. Instead, they spend most of their time watching the market so they can make the best decisions. If you put your money in the stock market too often, you will lose it. Choosing your strike price takes time and care, so you should wait to decide whether to buy or sell before making a decision. Someone who studies market trends and environments won’t make trades every five minutes.

4. Getting Addicted to Trading

Most beginners in the forest market fail because they want to make a lot of money or cash out big all at once. One of the most common reasons traders lose money on the Forex market is that they bet too much or too often. As a Forex trader, what makes you successful isn’t making a lot of trades or betting a lot of money on each one. What’s important is making the right trades.

Because they are hooked on trading, traders lose their money to it. There is always the chance of getting too attached to something that can make money. When traders chase the price, they are not far from losing all their money. When trading, it’s essential to have a well-thought-out plan for when to enter and leave a trade. You should quit when you see that the market is no longer good. If you lose a few trades, it doesn’t mean you have to make up the money immediately; you have to know when to stop. Following the price is like gambling because you just open and close trades without a plan. Make sure you don’t let the adrenaline and emotions get the best of you.

5. Nursing Unrealistic Expectations

Despite what many ads say, Forex is not a place where you can get rich quickly. Keeping the idea that Forex trading will make you happy after a few months is dangerous because it makes you more likely to make trades without much thought. Traders who want to be successful need to learn to be patient and consistent. Wanting to win a lot of money in just a few bets is illogical and would only lead to a considerable loss.

6. Giving in to Psychological Pressure

Trading Forex can put a lot of pressure on your mind when the market doesn’t go as you thought it would, and you start to lose money. You must try hard to stay calm when the storm worsens. Don’t let the different things that can happen in the trading market throw off your plan and get you off track. When traders are scared, they open and close trades without thinking. This can be very bad. Don’t lose your temper, and stay true to your trading plans.

7. Not admitting your wrongs

When you trade Forex, you should remember that you can’t always be correct. This would help you deal with the uncertainty of the trading market and make better decisions, like getting out of trades that are losing money. Because they won’t admit they made mistakes, many traders end up with nothing in their accounts. Instead, they try to fight back over and over again, but they never win.

8. Using the trial-by-error method to learn

Before entering the Forex market, it’s vital to research the market and its characteristics. Thus, many websites offer a demo account. People lose patience and want gains quickly. In their eagerness to cash out, they trade in real-time instead of using a demo account, losing money.

Learning from losses isn’t an excellent technique to trade in any market. Instead, successful traders’ experience is the best approach to learning market trading.

10. Failing to Manage the Leverage Properly

One thing that makes both new and experienced traders lose money in Forex trading is not knowing how to handle leverage. How you use leverage can affect how much you can make. Many people don’t think about the fact that it also makes the level of risk higher. Risk and leverage can be seen as a double-edged sword that make the risk bigger and the possible profit bigger simultaneously.

11. Indecision in the Heat of Trading

Being unable to decide is much worse than making a bad choice. During a trade, you could lose money if you can’t make a firm choice or decide on something. When you open a stake, and it doesn’t look good at first, this is what happens. Then you start to worry that you made a bad choice, and you can’t stay calm and watch the market because you’re stuck and don’t know what to do.


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