YouTube announces GoPro partnership, HDR video support

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By Larry Banks

Chief Business Officer of YouTube, Robert Kyncl, took the stage at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, to discuss the video service’s future. Kyncl has been at the company since 2010 having served for seven years at Netflix previously. The executive looks after all business functions such as sales, marketing, content and operations.

Kyncl discussed the growth of YouTube and covered some of its amazing success stories, brining out Scooter Braun, the person who discovered Justin Bieber in 2007 by finding one of his videos online. Braun explained how YouTube and its discovery of Bieber affected his life and also offered encouragement for people creating videos on the platform.

“Don’t try to make content for millions of people”, said Braun. “Make content that makes people feel.” Braun also said that “video has never been more important to music” as it is right now, adding that “It’s not about a billion impressions. It’s about one at a time.”

Kyncl also explained that the growth YouTube has experience is extraordinary. “1 billion views used to be an outlier,” the exec said. “Now we see that engagement multiple times a year.” Kyncl also claimed that by the end of the decade, digital video will overtake TV as the largest way people spend their free time.

“I believe digital video will overtake TV to become the single largest way people spend their free time before the end of the this decade. With YouTube being a major driver of that shift.”

That has a real possibility of turning out to be true. With YouTube expanding with services such as YouTube Red, and Netflix and Hulu growing and creating their own content, online video is becoming increasingly common. Kycnl also said there are only two things people do more than watch video: eat and sleep.

GoPro’s Nick Woodman also announced that YouTube and GoPro are partnering to deliver more 360 degree content to the service. GoPro plans to release a more “casual” spherical camera soon, which should lead to more 360 degree content being available.

Kyncl also said that YouTube will support High Dynamic Range (HDR) video in the near future. HDR takes two videos or images and basically merges them to give the best lighting and quality possible.


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