Windows 10 Might Herald Microsoft’s Post-PC Strategy

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By Jacob Maslow

Microsoft Building
Microsoft Building

It seems that during the past seven years or so, Microsoft’s hasn’t been acting like the tech giant that brought Netscape to its knees and ruined oh-so-many tech rivals’ niche software market dominance. Instead, Microsoft’s sense of denial and nostalgia for its heyday seemed to rival that of Marlene Deitrich’s character in the noire classic “Sunset Avenue.”

Called delusional and out of touch, Microsoft, the tech giant stares into the abyss of computing’s future and doesn’t see itself playing much of a role in a world dominated by Chrome, tablets, Apple, and Android. It keeps trying to coax consumers to enable Xbox to link up with their computing devices to no avail. Windows 8, for all the time, money, and resources plowed into it, has failed to convince end users that the world would be better off if all devices accessed the Web and talked to each other through Microsoft OS software. Thankfully, it seems Microsoft has finally gotten the memo that it is living in a post-PC world.
It seems the Redmond, WA giant is waking up to the reality that if Microsoft wants to play a role-any role-in the post-PC world, it has to step its game up and be more relevant. With this background in mind, it is no surprise that Windows 10 is not yet another OS software that ships in a box amid hoopla. Instead, it is a free upgrade-easily downloadable from the Web. It appears Microsoft’s new CEO, being grounded in the world of cloud computing, can see the tech tea leaves clearer than his predecessor and is coaxing and cajoling Microsoft into the new post-PC era. As local software becomes less and less relevant, it would be interesting to see how Microsoft’s traditional strength in OS and productivity computing meshes with its relatively recent presence in cloud computing. Far from fearing the future, Windows 10 suggests that Microsoft’s beginning to eagerly embrace the future.
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