Will Gemini be the NASDAQ of Bitcoin Exchange?

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By Jacob Maslow


There’s been a lot of talk about Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss this week. First, there was the announcement of their Bitcoin exchange project Gemini. Then, there was their bold prediction that Bitcoin could reach $1 trillion. But when Coinbase made headlines after opening the first “regulated” Bitcoin exchange in the U.S., we thought the Winklevoss brothers had been beaten to the punch. As it turns out, that might be the case.

Coinbase made claims that their new Bitcoin exchange project was regulated in 24 states, but regulators in California and New York refute these claims. For the Winklevoss brothers, this is a unique opportunity to put Bitcoin back on the right track.

The brothers claim that Gemini will be the “NASDAQ or Google of Bitcoin.” It will be fully compliant and fully regulated. And if Gemini can manage to do that, it may very well be the market leader in Bitcoin exchange.

In a recent interview with Coindesk, the Winklevoss brothers stressed that they aren’t trying to “operate around the fringe” or “hack” their way in. They’re just looking to create a fully regulated Bitcoin exchange that investors can be confident in.

The team behind Gemini includes a former CSO of Airbnb and a former Google information security engineer. The brothers have stated that they’re working hard to “get this right”.

The Winklevoss brothers are hoping to release Gemini in the first quarter of 2015, but its launch will dependent on New York’s passing of the BitLicense proposal. The brothers stressed that they won’t be launching until they’re licensed, and they’re working on obtaining licenses in all US states where licensing is necessary. The exchange is expected to serve the entire United States when it launches.

If Gemini can manage to secure all necessary licenses, claims that the exchange will be the “NASDAQ” of Bitcoin exchange may very well prove to be true.

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