6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Domain Name Generator

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By Jacob Maslow

If you’re taking your business online, you cannot overlook the importance of having a solid domain. Having a domain is essentially like putting your stamp on the web and giving users a place to visit your store in the digital scape. With that in mind, you need a great domain name that appeals to consumers, creates visibility, and establishes your brand and credibility. 

A dedicated domain gives you the leverage to make the most out of the booming e-commerce market. It’s important to consider how retail e-commerce sales globally reached more than $5.7 trillion in 2022. With proper branding and localization through your domain, you could maximize profits from people who shop online relative to your specific niche and industry. 

This is where a domain name generator comes in, and there are a few good reasons you should use one. 

It Quickly Shows the Availability

Thinking up a domain name is already an effort, much less ensuring that you are not tying all your branding to a name already taken. A good domain name generator can save you lots of trouble as it researches domain ownership for any domains you’ve got your eye on.

The generator automatically provides a list of available domains, with the AI excluding any owned domains from its results. This is a great way to quickly settle on your name without worrying about an unexpected dispute or domain squatter. 

It Provides Creative Alternatives

Savvy business owners know not to put their eggs all in one basket. When it comes to domains, there are so many people vying for available ones that it’s best to have backup options handy should the need arise. 

A domain name generator will not only produce suggestions that directly take your input into account it will also return variations and alternatives that are still relevant to the initial keyword/s. This is very helpful if your main choice is unavailable, but it’s also a good way to find more creative domain names you might have overlooked. You may even end up with a name that is better than the initial one you had in mind. 

It Offers an Extension Variety

There are plenty of available extensions that you can choose from when using a domain name generator. You can even specify which TLDs you want to check out to have more flexibility with how you want to present your business online. Registering different domain extensions under the same name can be a good idea so that you can have ownership over the branding. Major players like Apple have done this practice to solidify the online presence of their projects. 

It Helps You Go Live Faster

You don’t have to wait too long to get your website running. To get a legitimate business site that potential consumers can trust, you want to establish a site free of external branding and with a very searchable domain name. This usually requires you to register a domain, which should be a quick and easy process when you use a domain name generator. You already get the available name you want and get directed to a registrar that gives you ownership, so you can set your site up with this domain right away and focus on web optimization. 

It is Good for Social Linking

When starting an online business, getting a domain that matches your brand is one of the crucial steps that should be part of your checklist. This gives you a unified presence to tie to different social networking sites with the same name. It increases visibility and lets people engage with your business through their preferred platform. At the same time, it keeps everything interconnected and easier to retain. 

It Provides SEO-Friendly Options

One of the biggest concerns for online businesses is search engine optimization. This major factor determines how easily discoverable you are compared to competitors that match your demographics. Based on keyword use and query scanning, it also determines whether you get website visits from people likely to transact with your business. 

Statistics show that small businesses online struggle most with competition, quality website traffic, and visitor conversion, among other things. The average conversion rates on a global scale are less than 3%, so you want to have a domain that not only lets you rank high on search results but be found by relevant users that will likely pay for your products or services. 

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