Why Selling Your Junk RV in Wisconsin Is a Smart Choice: Top 6 Reasons

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By Richard

Eventually, all RVs will reach a point where the cost to keep them on the road no longer makes financial sense. For some, this could take a decade or two. For others, it could happen the very second the rig requires a costly repair, or worse, repairs due to a severe collision. Whatever the reasons, all motorhomes will one day become unusable or too much to maintain. But what do you do with them next?

Top 6 Reasons To Sell Your Junk RV

There’s no real good reason to hold onto a junk RV. If it costs too much to get it back on the road or is simply unsafe to use, then why even bother keeping it as a possession? Sure, you may feel that one day you’ll be in a position to pump money into it, but will that day actually materialize?

For example, if you’re a Dairy State resident wondering what to do with your wreck, you can sell your junk RV in Wisconsin to a specialized dealer who purchases all rigs regardless of condition. In that way, you’ll unburden yourself and get paid while doing so. If you need a gentle nudge as to why you should sell, here are six of them for you to consider. Surely, one or more of them will help you to see the light as to why you should sell your junk RV.

Earn Extra Cash

Despite being called junk, a junk RV still has some value. Most likely still have working parts and components that could be sold individually, and many contain valuable metal. Although selling one by the usual methods may prove fruitless, junk RVs can be easily sold to a specialized dealer who buys them despite age, mileage, and condition. Specialized junk RV dealers come to you, tow your rig away, and pay you more than a junkyard would.

Free Up Some Space

Let’s face it: RVs can take up a lot of space. Whether they’re rotting away in your garage or your backyard, imagine what you can do with that space once you’ve sold it. You’ll be able to use your garage to house your car or convert the garage into a workshop or storage space. A neglected RV stored in your side or backyard will kill the grass it’s resting on while serving no purpose other than taking up space.

Eliminate the Eyesore

Although you may be oblivious to the hideousness of your junk RV, your neighbors most likely see it as an eyesore to the neighborhood. Selling it could most likely mend the fences with those who live close to you. In some municipalities, keeping a junk RV visible to the public could violate local blight laws. All it takes is one upset neighbor to drop a dime, and you could face fines and penalties.

Limit Property Liability

As a homeowner, you’re liable for anything and everything that happens on your property. Storing a broken-down RV within the confines of your land could put you at risk of a lawsuit. Premises liability laws state that if a guest, and sometimes even a trespasser, are injured on your property, you can be held liable for their injuries and damages. Eliminate the risk of a lawsuit and sell your junk RV.

Recycle and Repurpose

Probably the worst thing you could do with your junk RV is to haul it to a landfill or, worse, illegally abandon it in a sketchy location. Dumping it in a landfill is horrible for the environment, and abandoning it is a crime. RVs have many parts and components that can be recycled, reused, or repurposed. The world already has enough junk. Selling your unwanted rig will ensure that it doesn’t harm the environment.

Ensure That Your Property Doesn’t Become Toxic

A neglected motorhome can pose environmental dangers to your property and family. As they slowly rot away, pipes and hoses can deteriorate, leaking all kinds of toxic things that may not be entirely safe to be around. Leaking motor oil, gasoline, and black water can pose health and fire hazards. Selling your wreck will ensure that your property doesn’t turn into an unsafe environment for people and pets alike.

Why Selling Your Junk RV Is a Smart Choice: Final Thoughts

Unless it holds extreme sentimental value, there is no good reason why you should hold onto a junk RV. A rotting rig on your property holds many potential dangers and liabilities that are not worth whatever your reasons are for holding onto it. From premises liability to creating an eyesore, selling your junk RV is always the smart choice.

For a quick and easy sale, sell yours to a specialized junk RV dealer who will happily haul yours away and leave you with cash, a check, or a Venmo payment. Don’t ignore the elephant on your property; unload that liability today.

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