Why An Architect Is A Must

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By Richard

When there are things you want added to your house, let’s say you have a new addition on the way and want to add some extra room somewhere. Or perhaps you work from home 80% of the week and want to have a space that fits your work.

Perhaps you have an idea of what you might like and are going through all of your options, and you might even feel like, ‘how hard can it be?’. Don’t forget architects are highly skilled, with years of knowledge, and they do a lot more than just draw.

Why An Architect Is A Must

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Here are a couple of reasons that an architect is a must on your next house project.


No matter how practical you are, there are going to be things that you don’t consider in a renovation or whole house build. And that is because it is specialised knowledge. We’ve all seen TV shows where couples take on building a home or a renovation project, and there is a lot more to it than they thought.

The best way to avoid running into a sticky situation is to have an architect who understands everything from brick weight and materials used to the time scale and any applications that need to be made.


You have a very specific shape, feel and look that you want to create – but unfortunately, you can’t seem to get it down on paper yourself. And when you do – it looks nothing like it does in your mind. An architect will be able to interpret what you are thinking and create something that is as close as possible (so long as it is actually possible) to your vision.

Not only that, though, they go through the practical aspects of the design and give you insight into how big the project is.


After reading multiple regulation sheets, planning permission guidelines and other paperwork that surrounds your project – you might need help. These applications are time-consuming, and if you fill the wrong ones in or forget to do it altogether, you risk a fine and the finished parts having to be taken down. An architect has experienced these forms time and again and can give you information about which ones you will need and why.

Big Picture

An architect is trained to think about all of the small details and how they add to the big picture. They can tell how some materials will look in years to come if the design will work with what you already have and a range of options that will be better. Architects are solution-focused and will look for the best way to make something work. Where you see limitations, they will see opportunity; when you see problems, they will see potential.

When it comes to getting your building project or renovations exactly how you picture it, with someone on your side who can make it happen – an architect is the best way to go! Before committing to any home renovation or extension projects, it is always important to consider the current market: Choose Home Renovations Wisely in Competitive Housing Market.

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