When is outstaffing used in IT?

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By Jacob Maslow

Outstaffing of IT personnel is used when the search and training of their specialists is beyond the power of small and medium-sized businesses. A highly qualified specialist deserves a fairly high salary, and besides, organizing your IT service is a troublesome and very costly business. Also, the motive for IT outstaffing may be exceeding the limit on the number of staff (relevant for representative offices and branches), it is planned to reduce staff without reducing the number of staff, a long-term replacement of one or more employees is required.

Let’s say you’re launching a new product, reorganizing your business, or want to improve its performance: you have a plan, a project vision, the ability to complete tasks, a certain budget. You are starting to achieve your goals, but you are faced with issues that cannot be resolved without attracting additional resources.

Main problems:

  • Your staff lacks a professional with the necessary knowledge and expertise
  • There is a key specialist, but a replacement is needed since the project needs to be implemented urgently, and your employee, for example, fell ill or does not have the necessary competencies at all
  • You need additional resources because you do not have time to complete all the tasks on time; you need to speed up the workflow, as the project’s launch on time directly affects the development of your business and a quick return on investment.
  • You do not have time to search for the appropriate specialist in the personnel market, select applicants, and organize and conduct interviews.
  • You need to introduce advanced and innovative technologies into your business or implement a project in a narrow and specific direction, and your company does not have such experience.
  • Business processes in your company have slowed down, indicators are falling and you are losing ground to competitors, and you need a professional to help correct the situation.
  • IT processes in your company are not well established: errors, problems, and systems are not working reliably.

Benefits of IT outstaffing for business

  • Attracting high-level IT-specialists. Regular employees do not always have the required level of qualification or are not universal specialists capable of solving any IT task.
  • Reducing the burden on the HR department. Part of the scope of work is removed from it, it becomes possible to optimize and reorganize it across the organization.
  • Improving the efficiency of the IT infrastructure. There is an opportunity to control and plan costs, there are no overpriced costs at the stage of launching new projects and implementing innovative solutions. Thanks to this, the productivity of the work of not only the information department, but also the entire enterprise increases.
  • Risk reduction. The client gets reliable guarantees for his request.

IT outstaffing as a service is provided on the terms of an agreement that describes the rights and obligations of the parties. The client receives employees who are officially registered, highly qualified and ready to start work immediately. The main employer makes tax and social payments for them, he is also responsible for compliance with the norms of the current legislation and is engaged in quality control.


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