What Skills to Look for When Searching for Technical Sales Talent

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By Jacob Maslow

If your company is looking to onboard some new technical sales talent, you’re going to want to narrow down what skill sets you need most in your sales team. Ensuring you hire the right people for your company can mean the difference between barely reaching annual targets and completely shattering them. Some of the critical skills to look for when interviewing new potential sales team members are self-motivation, trainability, and whether or not they’re goal orientated. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can spot these skills in potential candidates, read on to learn more.

Self Motivation
If you’ve worked in sales, then you know how ruthless it can be. Keeping going requires a lot of self-motivation if you’ve received a few disinterested results from potential clients. That’s why as far as the skills I suggest looking for, self-motivation is right at the top of the list. You can generally learn about a potential candidate’s self-motivation by asking questions about their personal life, such as their hobbies. You can also directly ask them whether they’re self-motivated, and for an example of that. If you’re worried about telling if a candidate is self-motivated, you can use a recruitment agency like Culver technical sales to help you recruit your new team members.

Sales is a constantly evolving field, and as we learn more about best practices for selling, we need sales team members who thrive on learning more. Sometimes it can be tempting to hire someone with a lot of experience. Still, you need to strike a balance between someone who has considerable experience but who’s also open to learning new things and undergoing training. Because things are changing so fast during our lifetime in terms of technology and implementation, trainability is one of the most critical skill sets to look for in new hires.

Goal Orientated
Most sales situations rely on the salesperson being goal-orientated to meet monthly targets and ensure the company is reaching its sales potential. It can be tiring, even exhausting, trying to meet goals month after month, so it is better to find candidates who thrive on this challenge. Many out there love the pursuit of the goal and enjoy the dopamine hit when they’ve achieved it. People who thrive in a goal-orientated setting generally tend to be more successful salespeople because it gives them an extra layer of motivation to reach targets.

If you’re looking to find new technical sales talent, you can either bring in the professionals to curate a list of ideal candidates or use these skill sets to filter through the options available to you. 

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