What Does it Take to Be a Good Dog Caretaker? Find Out Now

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By Jacob Maslow

Dogs of all breeds and backgrounds desire love from those that care for them, and as dog owners, people are more than willing to give their dogs love and attention. But it takes more than love to be a good dog owner. With the proper knowledge, resources, and planning, you can improve the care for your dogs. Here are some things you’ll need to be a good dog owner:

Proper Tools

Proper pet care involves having sufficient tools for the job. Pet equipment can help you operate safely while keeping the dog safe and healthy. For example, a dog carrier makes it easier for you to transport your dog while keeping them safe from harm during transit.

You can also keep all pets safe by restricting their access with dog gates. And, of course, there are the standard tools that every dog owner should keep handy: a brush, a leash, and feeding bowls, to name a few. These tools can help your dog look great and be safely protected at home.

Adequate Support

The saying goes, “it takes a village,” but this isn’t just true of caring for children. Having a dog sometimes means relying on outside sources to care for or look after your pet. You don’t have to do it alone; rely on resources and people you trust to help you give the best care possible to your dog. Some most common forms of support include veterinarians, dog groomers, and doggie daycares. But not all forms of support are professional.

When it comes to watching their dogs, many rely on family and friends to keep them well-looked. And for those in need of others options, many pet owners have turned to service apps to hire trustworthy people to watch and care for their pets. No matter which method works for you, ensure you establish who your trusted sources are for support caring for your dog. Having this information handy will keep you from scrambling when the time comes to reach out for help.

The Right Schedule

Research shows that dogs behave better when they have a consistent schedule. Some dogs require a lot of structure, while others can handle more freedom. Regardless,set feeding, walking, and playtime can encourage the dogs in your care to seek your direction. This also gives them things to look forward to at specific parts of the day, making it less likely that your dog will act unpredictably. Creating a schedule or structured time for your dog requires adjustments to ensure they get the proper food, exercise, and interaction. And, of course, this includes making sure your dog can relieve itself in a way that leaves little to no mess for you to clean.

Designated Space

Preparing your home for the dogs in your care is crucial to ensuring their happiness. Not all dog breeds can thrive in small environments, so creating as much space as possible for medium and large dogs allows them space to spread out and move. Smaller spaces work well for smaller breeds, but that doesn’t mean minimal space is the best solution.

No matter what kind of dog or their temperament, work to provide designated spaces to sleep, play, and eat. This will help them adjust to their environment while establishing available rooms they understand not to enter, such as the kitchen or bedroom. Knowing they have an area of their own encourages them to use it adequately.

A Strengthened Bond

Above all, dogs need love and attention to be at their best. Carving out time to spend with your dog daily is essential for strengthening your bond. Though sometimes life gets busy, it is important to pay your dog well-deserved attention in the ways you can. Sometimes the small things count the most when spending time with pets.

From going on daily walks to watching television together, there are plenty of ways to engage your dog daily. Even if your dog has a unique personality, they are likely to grow attached to you as its caretaker with time. Dogs are known for their friendliness: if you love them, they’ll love you back.


Whether you’re a new dog business owner or have years of experience, it doesn’t hurt to assess your approach to the business. Look at what you can apply to the dogs life, resources, structure, or equipment. Whatever you choose, be sure it works for you and your furry best friend—you and your dog will be happier and healthier.

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