What Are the Best Investment Strategies for College Students?

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By Jacob Maslow

Investing can be a bumpy ride, especially if you’re a college student grappling with hectic schedules and loads of work. It certainly pays to hold your nerve, but amid the world in constant chaos due to the pandemic and sky-high inflation, you should know exactly where you’re heading. You should research extensively to develop investment strategies that best suit your needs.

So how to start investing safely and profitably as a student? What are the best investment strategies almost destined for success in 2023? Join us as we take an in-depth look.

Figuring Out Your Budget

The first thing on your agenda is to figure out your monthly expenseshow much is coming in, what are the priorities to spend money on, and how much you could save. Without a solid plan, you could invest more than you can handle, and it won’t be long before you have to trade your sweet house for a not-so-sweet cardboard box! Nothing works without planning. Whether you’re looking to consult the WritingUniverse professional academic writing assistants or invest in shares traded on the LSE, carefully ponder your long-term goals and approach the task mindfully. 

If you’re having trouble wrapping your head around budgeting, myriad top-notch software tools could help. You can use Mint to track your spending, Quicken to take the pain out of financial management, or PocketGuard to identify ways to save money. If you don’t plan your budget wisely, all your investment plans shall be for naught.


There is a common misconception that investing is reserved for the extremely wealthy. In 2023, this surely is not the case. Micro-investing lets you regularly invest small amounts of money into stocks of your choice or exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Over the years, investing as little as several dollars a week can turn into cash. This strategy is unparalleled for novice investors who are tight on budget and want to avoid overt risk. 

You can also automate your regular micro-investments with the use of specialized platforms. So, for instance, every time you buy a Starbucks coffee for $6.50, the platform will round up to $7 and invest the remaining 0.50 into your chosen market. Micro-financing lets you invest without financial stress, so you’ll save some dough for that expensive translation rate per word you need for your college! This is a brilliant strategy for students new to finances yet still want to start investing in their carefree future.

Crypto Investments

Investing in crypto assets is far riskier- reserved for the most daring college students! Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have been making headlines in recent years, and not without reason. Many experts believe this type of investing can reap amazing benefits, but only if you research and know all the risks. Start by investing small to see how you get a grip on the market. R about the technology behind the currency, its current market state, and predictions for the future. Remember, the market is highly volatile, so be prepared for ups and downs.

Use Reddit, Discord, and Telegram to join crypto discussion groups and connect with like-minded individuals. In such groups, people share valuable knowledge on the best business ideas to invest in as a student so that you can gain insider knowledge rarely available anywhere else. Investing in crypto is a new and exciting way to participate in the global financial market, stemming from dreams of decentralization from banks and traditional finance. You get to own digital assets without intervention from the government or any other institution. So, the risks are plenty, but the benefits might be much greater.

The Way Forward

It’s always smart to start investing earlier to secure stress-free adulthood. There are a plethora of effective investment strategies students can leverage in 2023. But no matter where you decide to invest, take your time to ponder your financial situation and long-term goals to avoid any nuisance. Best of luck!

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