191 million US voters’ records exposed in online database

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By Larry Banks

A database that appears to contain the names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, voter ID’s and voting intentions of every registered voter in the USA has been found on the Internet by a security researcher.

The searchable database of 191 million US voters was found by researcher Chris Vickery, who found accurate records of himself, including an unlisted home phone number.

Not all records of this type are confidential however, as different states have different laws regarding voter databases, however Vickery found that a complete database of this type is possibly worth up to $270,000.

This latest leak comes just after the Democrats’ NGP VAN data glitch that ended up with head of data for the Bernie Sanders campaign getting fired.

Website databreachers.net and CSO have been trying to track the database owner, but none of the main voter data services have claimed that it belongs to them.

NGP VAN is one of the most complete keepers of voter records for the Democrat campaign, while the Republicans have been attempting to replicate the system via its GOP Data Beacon.

Voter databases provide a rich trove of leads for various organisations doing fund raising and are also a great resource for journalists investigating election candidates, as well as for the government.

SOURCE: TheNextWeb.com.

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