There is Value in Your Investment Mistakes

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By Jacob Maslow

Money Down the DrainEveryone makes mistakes, and that is most definitely true when it comes to investments. To help make fewer mistakes, and to get the most value from the mistakes you do make, consider everything that comes into play carefully before you make any investment – or before you sell it.

According to Dan McSwain, one of the biggest mistakes many investors make (himself included) is selling when a company is not doing well. While that makes sense, the company may rebound and do well over time. Rushing to sell is often a problem for investors, as they end up losing a lot of money by trying to make too many short term buys, sales, or trades.

Another serious concern is spending too much money for the investment when it is purchased. No matter how well it does in the future, it is harder to make money on something for which you paid far too much. As such, the cost of the investment is highly important.

It is not possible to make every investment a good one, even for the most savvy of investors. Everyone who invests should do his or her research, and the best he or she can when making investment decisions. When an investment goes awry, it is important to get out of it with as little financial damage as possible, and use the lessons learned to make better investments in the future.

Those who continue to have trouble with all of their investments are often those who have not learned from their original mistakes. You can avoid being one of those people, making your investments more likely to improve over time and provide the financial benefit you are looking for.


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