Using Instagram Insights to Optimize Your Content

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By Richard

Instagram has evolved from just another photo-sharing social networking service to a powerful marketing tool. The social media platform has an Insight feature that gives you a better understanding of your followers and target audience at large. The Insights feature also functions as an effective IG followers booster tool if you know just what to do with it.

If you’re unsure of how Instagram insights can skyrocket your content visibility and engagement, we will be making things clear right away.

Here are some of the ways you can use Instagram insights to optimize your content.

  1. Know Your Followers’ Most Active Time

Instagram insights show you when your followers are most active. You get to see what hours and days of the week when they are actively online.

With this data, you can create an effective content schedule and post when your followers are active. If you see that they’re usually online every Friday evening or Monday afternoon, scheduling to post at these times will increase the chances of your content reaching them. This way, they can view and engage, and you, too, can interact with them.

The most active time insights are usually different for each account. So, try not to rely on the insights from other accounts.

2. Get to Know Your Audience

The insights tool allows you to know more about your audience. Data on their location, age group, and gender are available to you.

Based on these demographic details, you can get precise content ideas. If a large number of your followers are younger women, you can start posting content that they find entertaining and relatable.

3. Identify the Content They Like

With Instagram insights, you can see how well each user-generated content performs. The number of views, likes, and comments are all on display for your use. While the algorithm plays a role in how many users your content reaches, the type of content you put out is crucial to the amount of engagement it’ll receive.

You can use this to your advantage by doing a little comparison. Create similar content to the ones that they enjoy and stop the ones they don’t.

4. Stay Updated and Adjust

As your Instagram account grows, your insights will change. The number of female followers may become more than the male follower count, the age that views your content can change, and the city where it is mostly played, too.

The insights tool helps you stay updated on your content performance. Changes in this data are updated weekly and monthly. With this information, you can adjust accordingly and go with the trend for better engagement.

5. Static Content vs Ephemeral Content

Instagram gives you insights into your reels, posts, and stories. While they all play different roles and have different functions, you can still use them to improve your content strategy. You can post more static content if it performs better than ephemeral content.


Your Instagram insights can really come in handy if you need new content ideas and better engagement. But remember, your insights are susceptible to change. Check them weekly or monthly so you can know what type of content to create and when to.

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