UPDATE 2 – Van plows into people in German city of Münster, killing at least 3

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A van has plowed into a group of people in the German city of Münster, killing at least 3 people and injuring about 20 others, local officials say. The driver, who is reported to have had a history of mental illness, committed suicide.

The attack happened on late Saturday afternoon when the vehicle plowed into people in the city’s downtown area. Photos from the scene showed that the van was driven into the outdoor area of a cafe, crushing tables and chairs.

Münster is a city in western Germany, about 52 kilometers (32 miles) from the border with the Netherlands.

German officials said that at least four people were killed and 20 others were injured, including six people who were taken to hospital in critical condition. The driver, whose identity was not immediately released, is among the dead after an apparent suicide.

The attack happened on the first warm day of the year when many people were out in the downtown area and enjoying drinks at local cafes.

Details about a possible motive were not immediately released by officials, but local media identified the suspect as a 48-year-old man who was born in Germany. The man was known to have a history of mental illness and there is no indication of a link to terrorism, the SZ newspaper reported.

Police have urged citizens to avoid the downtown area as they try to determine whether any suspects could have fled the scene of the attack. Dutch police have been sent to the border to carry out increased surveillance as a precaution.

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