UPDATE 1 – Maldives security forces block Supreme Court, former AG says

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Security forces in the Maldives have blocked the Supreme Court building, former Attorney General Husnu Al Suood said, citing the court’s chief justice.

Suood, who served as attorney general until 2010 and who is now the president of the Maldives Bar Association, said he was in phone contact with Supreme Court Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed. In updates through Twitter, Suood relayed fears that police officers and soldiers could storm the Supreme Court.

“[He] called me a a little while ago and asked me to inform the public to to protect him and the institution. He is expecting the police and army to storm into the Supreme Court building at any moment,” Suood said.

A short time later, at 9:30 p.m. local time, Suood said he was told that security forces had blocked the Supreme Court building, leaving the justices stranded inside. At 9:43 p.m. Suood said he was told that security forces had started “breaking the gates” at the supreme court.

Other details were not immediately available.

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