UPDATE 1 – Bomb hoax causes evacuation at UT Dallas

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All buildings on the campus of The University of Texas at Dallas were evacuated Tuesday while authorities investigated a bomb threat, local officials said. The threat was later deemed to be a hoax.

The incident began at about 2:40 p.m. on Tuesday when everyone on campus was urged to evacuate immediately. Officials explained that the cause of the evacuation was a bomb threat, though details have not been released.

“All UTD faculty, staff, students and visitors need to immediately evacuate all buildings and parking garages on campus,” the university said in an urgent message. “Please go to UT Dallas parking lots and stay away from buildings until further notice. We will post details as they become available.”

The university’s police department said at 3:20 p.m. that the bomb threat had been deemed to be a hoax. Details about the origin of the threat were not released. “You may now enter the buildings and parking structures,” the university added.

The University of Texas at Dallas is home to nearly 27,000 students.

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