Understanding the importance of micro coils in the modern med-tech industry

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By Jacob Maslow

Medical devices are very critical for the growth of the medical industry. Medical devices are going through a phase of miniaturisation which is leading to an increased demand for micro coils. Microcoils are very critical when it comes to manufacturing miniaturized medical devices. The main reason why they’re very important is due to the thin wire which they possess. Owing to their thickness, they are very good conductors of electricity since they possess a very high surface area.

This article will talk about the five reasons businesses and hospitals prefer to use micro coils for their medical industries. Moreover, will also study a little bit about Thermo compression bonding, which makes micro-coils efficient. 

What makes micro-coils stand out?

One of the major reasons micro coils stand out is their thickness is even less than that of human hair. This makes it very easy to be integrated into the microphone devices. Moreover, they can reach even deeper places within the human body thanks to their thickness. These inaccessible areas can be tapped due to the microcoil devices, making it seamless for doctors to continue their diagnosis.

Another reason why migrants are really important is because they offer very wide customization during device manufacturing. Customization is vital for medical devices, as the requirements vary based on the patient’s condition.

Micro coils are widely used for specific cases too. In the case of certain major diseases, microcoils can block the flow of blood and form blood clots. They are inserted into the blood vessels, which help stop the blood flow – thus reducing any harmful effects from bleeding vessels. 

Having extensive surgery to resolve any health ailment is slowly becoming a day of the past. Microcoil devices have made it possible to have minimally invasive surgeries done – which makes them truly better than other alternatives. In the longer run, it introduces the hospital stays for the patients and reduces surgery expenses.

In the last point, micro coils have a very wide application when it comes to surgeries related to neurology due to their small thickness. It means that targeted treatment is made possible with micro coils – making it very seamless for health professionals. 

Thermocompression bonding: A boon for micro coils

Integrating the micro coil with the medical devices can be very critical. Traditional methods of soldiering don’t come in very handy. It is at this point that Thermo compression bonding is very important. Thermo compression bonding becomes valuable when both the wires are of the same material or thickness or either one of them is. The benefit of Thermo compression bonding is that it does not change the chemical composition of the micro-coil wires, which makes it really stand out. 


Overall, the micro-coil industry is going in a very positive direction. If you are looking forward to investing in this industry, it is the right time as the medical conditions will only be more demanding from hereon. 

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