UN staff member murdered in southern Afghanistan

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An Afghan woman who was working for the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) was murdered in southern Afghanistan on Monday, the agency says.

Toorpaki Ulfat was shot dead by unidentified persons who were riding on a motorcycle in Kandahar, the capital of the southern province that carries the same name. “The motive behind this murder is to be determined but the Mission will do all it can together with local authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice,” UNAMA said in a press statement.

Other details about the murder were not immediately known, and it is unclear whether Toorpaki Ulfat was specifically targeted for working for UNAMA.

UNAMA said Toorpaki Ulfat had worked for the mission for 5 years, calling her a respected human rights defender. “Her commitment was not dimmed by the challenging security environment. She represented the best of what Afghan youth have to offer. Her ideals and enthusiasm were an inspiration to her colleagues and to those she helped,” the agency said.

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