U.S. man arrested for plotting mass shooting at Milwaukee temple

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A 23-year-old man identified as Samy Mohamed Hamzeh has been arrested on weapons charges after allegedly plotting to carry out a mass shooting at a Masonic temple in Milwaukee, prosecutors say.

Hamzeh was arrested on Monday and charged with illegally possessing machineguns and a silencer. He had been under investigation since September and is alleged to have initially intended to travel to the West Bank to attack Israeli soldiers and citizens. He later abandoned those plans and began plotting an attack in the United States.

Prosecutors say Hamzeh engaged in extensive conversations with two people who were working as confidential sources for law enforcement. During those conversations, Hamzeh allegedly explained that he wanted to commit a domestic act of violence and, earlier this month, he settled on a Masonic temple in Milwaukee as his target.

“One of us will stay at the door at the entrance and lock the door down, he will be at the main door down, two will get to the lift up, they will enter the room, and spray everyone in the room,” Hamzeh is alleged to have said during one of the conversations. “The one who is standing downstairs will spray anyone he finds.We will shoot them, kill them and get out.”

Hamzeh is alleged to have said that he would be satisfied if they were able to kill 30 people. “These 30 will terrify the world,” he said.

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