U.S. dentist Walter Palmer will not be charged in killing of Cecil the lion

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Walter James Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota who killed one of Africa’s most famous lions, had the correct paperwork and will not be charged, Zimbabwe’s environment minister said on Monday.

Minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri told reporters that Palmer could not be charged in the killing of Cecil the lion. “We approached the police and then the Prosecutor General, and it turned out that Palmer came to Zimbabwe because all the papers were in order,” he said, as quoted by the Reuters news agency.

Palmer was accused of luring Cecil the lion out of the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe in order to kill the lion in an area where hunting was allowed. The high-profile killing led to global outrage, including a statement from animal rights organization PETA which called for Palmer to be charged “and, preferably, hanged.”

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