Types of Investments that Help Obtain Dual Citizenship for Businessmen & Investors

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By Jacob Maslow

The number of CBI programs is increasing with the unprecedented growth in the global industry. 25 Citizenship by Investment Programs offers their services to investors and businessmen who want to obtain dual citizenship through investment.

The dual citizenship industry is worth around $30 billion, and the number is expected to rise based on the predictions. With Britain leaving the EU, the growth of CBI programs is fortified to an extent where wealthy individuals play it safe and invest in countries like the Caribbean.

This brief guide will discuss the different types of investment options and the minimum amount each country requires to become eligible for a second passport.

Types of Investments

There are various investment options for obtaining alternative citizenship. We’ll discuss the options in different countries that have CBI programs.

➤ St. Kitts and Nevis

For example, the St. Kitts Citizenship by Investment Program is one of the oldest and most trusted worldwide. You can receive your passport within 4 months and get a return on your investment within 5 years.

The investment options for this Caribbean country are:

  • A minimum of $150,000 in the Sustainable Growth Fund – the fund will spend the money in various sectors like education, healthcare, infrastructure, culture, or tourism. The perks of investing in the fund:
  • It’s a one-time donation;
  • Less money to invest;
  • You can include family members in the application process, like your children, a spouse, parents, grandparents;
  • Minimum of $200,000 in real estate; You can purchase an apartment under construction or shares in a resort. However, these properties need to be approved by the government. This option is great for those who are a pro at real estate investments.


➤ St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a mesmerizing island with tropical forests, pristine beaches, and friendly locals. It’s the perfect paradise for everybody, so no wonder many investors choose it as their second home.


The investment options of the CBI program include:

  • A minimum amount of $100,000 in the National Economic Fund; It’s the easiest way to get a second passport and help the country’s economy;
  • Government bonds for at least $500,000; You must be the holder of the bonds and have them for at least 5 years before selling;
  • Purchasing real estate of at least $300,000 in value, which contributes to tourism. Many investors choose this option and purchase property approved by the government;
  • You can invest $1m in business projects and establish a new business in St. Lucia; The reasons why this option is great for both the investor and the country:
  • You will open permanent job opportunities in the country;
  • You will contribute to the economy;

➤ Dominica

Dominica is next on the list! It’s one of the most affordable countries for obtaining alternative citizenship. The CBI program was established in 1993 and has one of the longest-running investment schemes worldwide.


The investment options are:

  • $100,000 in the Economic Diversification Fund; You can invest in government-approved projects like a villa, a spa facility, or a hotel under construction;
  • Purchasing real estate – $200,000 as a single applicant and additional processing, government, due diligence, and passport fees;

Why Should You Acquire Dual Citizenship?

Dual citizenship is often referred to as a backup plan or a plan when everything else fails and you need to provide safety for your family and yourself. A second passport comes in handy when political or civil instability, riots, wars, or natural disasters occur.

Wealthy individuals apply for a second passport as part of the wealth preservation strategy. For example, the Caribbean countries provide extensive protection for the citizens’ privacy and a cozy lifestyle. You can easily relocate your assets and fortune to the second country.

At the basic level, a second passport means safety for your family. The Caribbean countries are known as a region with significant green energy sectors and increased food production, which makes them perfect as second homes.

Qualified investors and their family members can travel without a visa to more than a hundred countries if they have dual citizenship. However, it depends on the country where you obtain citizenship.

Let’s not forget about the business opportunities dual citizenship brings. Besides the business activities within your home country, a whole new range of opportunities will open up once you obtain a second passport. It’s a gateway to international markets and potential customers.

Get Your Passport!

Before starting your application process, make sure you’ve consulted a legal entity and learned the investment options in the country where you want to obtain dual citizenship. You can get a second passport only via authorized agencies, so feel free to check out the NTL Trust company link above and initiate your dual citizenship application right away!

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