Trump, Sanders win New Hampshire primary


Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders have won the presidential primary elections in New Hampshire, according to projections based on exit polls and early results.

With nearly 90 percent of precincts reporting, Sanders was leading with 60.0 percent of the vote, against Clinton’s 38.4 percent. On the Republican side, Trump’s 35.1 percent puts him in a comfortable first place, with John Kasich in a preliminary second place with 15.9 percent.

The loss is yet another setback for the campaign of Hillary Clinton, who narrowly won the Iowa caucuses with an advantage of just two tenths of a percentage point. Trump, who was determined to win after last week’s loss in Iowa, is expected to build on his victory in New Hampshire.

The next party elections will be on February 20, when Democratic caucuses will take place in Nevada and a Republican primary takes place in South Carolina. That will be followed by a Republican caucus in Nevada on February 23 and a Democratic primary in South Carolina on February 27.

Who are likely to become the nominees for the Democratic and Republican parties may become clear on March 1, which is better known as Super Tuesday. On that day, caucuses and primaries will take place in 13 states and American Samoa.

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