Traveling for Business? Here’s How To Take Care of Your Pets

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At a Glance: Before leaving for a business trip, you must decide what to do with your dog when traveling. If you can’t take your dog with you, you can ask someone to check in on your pet periodically, hire a pet sitter, or leave your pet at a pet hotel. Whichever you decide, it helps to plan and leave detailed instructions regarding its care.

While traveling for business is necessary, it leaves you with the dilemma of what to do about your pets.

Do you entrust your pet to someone else? Is it possible to take it with you? Who can take care of it for you?

The issue of what to do with your dog when you travel can cause a lot of stress and confusion even before you leave for your trip. That’s why we’ll present you with options and considerations on how to care for your pets while traveling for business.

What To Do With a Dog When You Travel

What to do with my dog when I travel? It might be challenging to answer this question, especially if it’s your first time taking a trip as a dog owner.

Here are three possible solutions that can help you decide what to do with dog when traveling.

Consider Traveling With Your Pet

If you choose to travel with your pet, you must tackle the logistics of transportation and pet-friendly accommodations. The American Veterinary Medical Association has a complete guide for transporting a dog or cat across state lines or internationally via air, rail, bus, or boat.

Before you do, however, consider what the Chair of the Department of Veterinary Sciences in München, Germany, Michael Helmut Erhard, has to say about it:

“There are risks when traveling with dogs. The change of the environment could greatly impact the welfare of dogs, and it is very important to dog owners not to cause avoidable pains, distress, and damages to their dogs during transport or lodging.” 

It might take more careful planning and coordination but if it’s an option to travel with your pet, you can ensure that your dog gets the care it needs even if you’re away from home.

Plan for Your Pet’s Care

You have several options if you don’t want to travel with your dog.

Make concrete plans for your pet’s care a few weeks before your business trip. You can ask a family member or friend to check in on it a few times a day while you’re away. Choosing a person your dog knows or is familiar with is best. The transition period will be easier, and your dog will not be afraid of or aggressive toward its temporary caretaker.

You can also hire a professional pet sitter or dog walker. Solicit personal recommendations from other dog owners in your area so you can find a reliable person to entrust with your beloved pet.

Another option is to look for a local pet hotel, daycare center, or kennel where you can board your dog. These facilities are equipped with everything your dog needs to be healthy and happy while you’re away, and there is staff to care of it. Again, do your due diligence to find a reputable facility.

Hillcrest Animal Hospital veterinarian Dr. Valerie Duncan recommends an ocular visit beforehand:

“By seeing the facility for yourself and meeting the staff ahead of time, you will be able to judge whether the level of cleanliness, space provided, and staff meet your standards.”

Traveling for Business? Here’s How To Take Care of Your Pets

Leave Detailed Instructions for Your Pet Sitter

Whether you leave your dog in a pet hotel or hire a pet sitter, leave detailed instructions for its care. Be as thorough as possible, especially if you’ll be away for an extended period.

Your list of what to do with a dog when traveling for business should include information about its preferred food, feeding schedule, exercise routine, medication, favorite toys, and other quirks or special needs. By letting them know what to do with your dog when you travel, you can ensure that certain standards of care are met. Leave your contact information and the name and number of your veterinarian as well so they will know who to call in case of an emergency.

“Leaving detailed instructions for your pet’s care can help ensure that your pet stays healthy and happy while you’re away,” says Amy Johnson, a professional pet sitter.

Use Technology To Stay Connected With Your Pet

Technology has made it easier than ever to stay connected with your pet while you’re traveling. Install a pet camera or download a pet monitoring app to check in on your pet and even communicate with it. This can ease your pet’s anxiety and give you peace of mind.

Many apps and devices are available to monitor your pet’s activities, track their location, and talk to them remotely. You can also use video conferencing apps like Zoom or FaceTime to talk to your pet sitter or daycare attendant and see how your pet is doing.

“Pet cameras and monitoring apps can help pet owners feel more connected to their pets while they’re away. However, it’s important to not rely solely on technology and to ensure that your pet’s physical and emotional needs are being met,” advises Sarah Lee, a pet behaviorist.

Traveling for Business? Here’s How To Take Care of Your Pets


Now that you know what to do with your dog when you travel, you can easily prepare for your next business trip. With ample preparation, you can ensure your dog is well cared for while away.

Remember to plan ahead for your pet’s care, leave detailed instructions, and use technology to stay connected with your furry friend.

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