Top Innovators Working in the Music Industry in 2021

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By Jacob Maslow

The pandemic at COVID-19 has proven a catalyst to increase live streaming abilities for the music industry and provide artists with available payment options. However, many companies have also found a diverse way to enhance Black and Latin cultures and stream more widely to overlooked countries. Many firms raised the music industry to have a lasting effect beyond the 2020 economic and social turmoil. In the music sector, 2020 was a busy year for Mark Gillespie. While much of the mess was caused by the pandemic, normal business development still had a great deal to do with it.

  • Neon 16

For more than a decade, Tainy was a revolutionary in reggaeton and produced chart-top hits for Cardi B, J Balvin, and Bad Bunny. In cooperation with Interscope Records last year, he teamed up with former Roc National exec Lex Borrero to create Neon16. Neon 16 is doing its slogan not only to fear a new Latin talent like Dylan Fuentes and Álvaro Diaz but by extending its goal for urban Latin culture to include live shows, television, film, and gaming. Neon16 has organized and hosted events such as Reggaeton Art History during Art Basel and famous e-sport tournaments.

  • Verzuz

The quarantine between veteran music producers Timbaland and Swizz Beatz soon began as friendly rivalry on Instagram Live, which became one of the most extensive entertainment breakouts of 2020. Verzuz is a forum for music fighting with iconic R&B and rap artists, hit by hit, confronting each other. In July, Verzuz concluded a non-exclusive Apple deal to simulate battles with Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, and Instagram Live. Verzuz has also been used by artists who may have peaked years earlier, and commercially he has also dubbed The Verzuz effect as a means of generating streaming numbers and revived interest.

  • Beatstars

For producers to sell their beats to musicians, BeatStars is an online marketplace. The business got a big boost when the beat used for the 2019 “Old Town Road” track of rapper Lil Nas X came on the platform. But it’s not a one-hit-wonder, BeatStars has proved. The company agreed with Sony/ATV to open a label for BeatStars producers and artists to publishing and administration services. The group of BeatStars has expanded to over 2 million users with over $100 million in payouts.

  • Bandcamp

Bandcamp is an online music platform where new musicians can endorse their recent work and sell their merchandise. It has been a favorite of artists since the launch in 2008, mainly because of its revenue model, which only takes 10-15% of digital products and 10% of physics. As a reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bandcamp continued to reduce its profit to 100 percent every Friday through 2020. Bandcamp has also introduced Bandcamp Live, a ticketed live streaming service wholly integrated into the platform that seamlessly makers merchandise and acknowledges that persons’ concerts were not more feasible.


Music was as comfortable as it was a catalyst for progress in 2020—a snapshot of our way of living and a means to strengthen it. This year, so many artists produced delightful, devastating songs. We celebrate the voices that transform the sounds of those we hear and talk about today into some of the most important cultural conversations. These cultural conversations include structural injustice, inclusion, pay equality, ownership of, and freedom to do your work. Everything we do mirrors the environment in which. Then, the music industry itself is always a microcosm of social problems, from stereotyping to shooting within various cases.



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