Top 5 Strongest Anime Characters No One Wants to Face

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By Richard

Swords powerful enough to cut steel, blasts that level the mountains, punches that decimate the opponent, and whatnot. Anime characters come in all forms, possess versatile powers, and are loved by all.

Be it Goku, Naruto, Luffy, All Might, or others, they’ve got the best following. Simply because they don’t bulge when danger comes. Instead, they’re the first ones to dive into the seas of danger.

However, are they all the same? Or is Goku stronger than Naruto? Does Luffy have any edge over All Might? If you ask the fans, you’ll get a simple and straight answer. But if you ask us, you may get a fact-based answer, one you may not want to accept.

In writing this article, we’ve locked the emotions in a cage, where they should be right now. Knowing that we’re treading on hot waters right now, we apologize if your hero doesn’t make it to our list.

Nevertheless, we’re going to rank the best anime characters, logically and factually. So, are you ready to agree to disagree? If yes, let’s get started then.

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Goku 1

Naruto 2

Saitama 3

Luffy 3

Madara Uchiha 3

Bottom Line 3


Kame Hame Ha, The Spirit Bomb, Instant Transmission, Fusion, and countless transformations, Goku tops the list of the strongest characters.

Well, being powerful doesn’t mean having limitless attacks in your repertoire. One needs to be mindful of which attack to use when. And Goku doesn’t seem to make a mistake when doing that. 

Known for his incredible strength, Goku has defeated everything and everyone in his way. Be it Vegeta, Frieza, or Majin Buu, he didn’t spare anyone with an evil eye on Earth.

Apart from his fighting capabilities, he’s always fun to have around. Except when you tease his friends. Believe me, you don’t want to see his rage. Simply because every time his friends get killed in a battle, we get to see new transformations.

For example, Frieza first saw Goku’s Super-Saiyan wrath when he scotched Krilin. Then, there was no coming back.

For all the reasons above, we don’t think any character comes near to what Goku has achieved in Anime.

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Naruto, of the Hidden Leaf Village, comes second on this prestigious list. We know Naruto doesn’t like to come second. Well, on this list, he has to, for all the right reasons that we’re going to mention.

Naruto, unarguably, is one of the most hardworking characters in the anime. With sheer hard work, he even became the Hokage. Decimated his enemies, won the trust of everyone who thought of him as a monster, and helped everyone, but wasn’t he the same without the nine-tail beast?

While everyone around Naruto had a limited Chakra (the energy source), Naruto didn’t. He could, anytime, borrow Chakra from Kurama, the nine-tail beast.

Remember when Naruto fought Pain? We won’t say Naruto failed, but he wasn’t up to his mark.


Because Pain had blocked Naruto’s ability to take any Chakra from Kurama.

So, ideally speaking, Naruto wasn’t much without Kurama. All the Chakra he had to make bazillions of shadow clones and destroying enemies with infinite Rasengans wasn’t his alone effort. It was Kurama who assisted him along the way.


Almost all the heroes have built-in abilities. For example, Goku was born Saiyan. He isn’t even a human. Naruto, a beast is trapped inside him. But Saitama, he’s not your ordinary superhero.

Working out just like a regular person, Saitama worked hard to get fit. Well, that was his sole motivation at first. But, he was destined to be one of the strongest characters in the anime.

With hard work and determination, he became the one-punch man we know today. Having the ability to destroy anyone and anything with a single punch makes him one of the strongest characters in the anime.


Being a pirate, with unbothered elasticity can only get you this far. Without a doubt, One Piece is one of the greatest anime of all time, but its protagonist is not so sure.

The reasons can’t be simpler. Unlike the characters mentioned above, Luffy doesn’t have supernatural powers. However, he can warp the reality to fit the cartoonish logic. But, what else?

Nonetheless, Luffy has endless endurance and powerful gear shifts. What’s more fascinating is how every gear, from first to fifth brings rarity to the table.

Madara Uchiha

The Naruto franchise doesn’t lack powerful characters at all. Be it Kaguya, Sasuke, Minato, or Itachi, they don’t stop until they want to. However, Madara is someone who doesn’t like to stop.


Because he’s the ultimate shinobi who wants to make a difference. You can argue about the ways, but not his intentions. All he wanted was to bring peace to the shinobi-affected world.

Coming back to his powers, Madara mastered the art of Sharingan and Rasengan, a rare feat to achieve. With that, his prowess in ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu, makes him a tough opponent to beat.

Bottom Line

Anime characters are all-powerful. Abilities to destroy anything or anyone is in their blood. But, these five characters stand out the most. No one fights like them and no one stands a chance against them. However, it’s only a matter of time since anime gifts us another impeccable character to cherish for ages.

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