Top 4 Steps to Help You Boost Your Social Media Following

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By Jacob Maslow

Social media platforms help companies to connect with potential and existing customers. Brands that are well managed can develop a loyal, committed following, which opens up new opportunities for brand awareness, increased customer base, and promotion of the customer’s best interests.

In general, social media plays a vital role in purchasing decisions. Having many relevant followers makes it easy to attract potential customers. Statistics show active social media users will grow to six billion people worldwide in 2027. So if you’re wondering how to attract many of them to your social media profile, here are four steps for boosting the number of your social media followers.

Make a plan

Prepare a detailed plan about the goals you want to achieve with your profile. Start by making an audit and discover what people want to see on your profile. Find your target audience and tailor your profile to their requirements.

Hiring a growth service that organically increases your following is a great way to grow your social media following. So, for example, if Instagram is your primary social media platform, look for the best Instagram growth service in 2023 and focus on organic growth. You want a growth service that will assist you in attracting relevant followers who will interact with your content. If you have relevant followers interested in your brand, products, or services, it is easier to transform them into loyal, paying customers.

In addition, conduct extensive industry research, look into accounts that provide similar services, and target the same audience as you. When you find them, browse their feed to see which posts and hashtags are trending. Try to take in everything you see and use it later as inspiration.

Post shareable content

When you have high social media interaction, the platform’s algorithm will emphasize your content, enabling you to reach more clients interested in your brand. As a result, posting high-quality content will help you in boosting the number of your followers. Otherwise, you will lose followers and have low engagement on your posts. The basic strategy for increasing your engagement rate is to make your content fun, creative, and unique.

To pique the interest of your potential followers, you’ll need interesting educational posts and creative topics. Include some motivational quotes or engaging captions to entice your followers to interact with and recommend your brand to others. Research which hashtags generate the most traffic and use them in your posts more frequently.

Post consistent and relevant content

Consider whether your images and videos represent your company’s core values when creating social media profiles, and then fit them into your social media feeds. Images of purchased products generate less engagement than authentic and current content. The truth is that running a successful account requires both time and creativity. Ensure your content encourages conversation, so your followers can ask questions, get tips, and seek advice. This will give your content a higher priority in the platforms’ algorithms.

Plan when to post

Once you’ve created a content strategy, you can use various scheduling tools to plan when to post and keep your followers engaged. The consistent posting of interesting content is the most critical factor in social media success. This way, you will appear dedicated and demonstrate that you know what your audience wants to see and when to show them the required content. 

So, prepare a scheduling plan and consider the content you want to share. Also, do it frequently. If you want your followers to remain interested and engaging, post relevant content once daily. 

Social media platforms’ algorithms change over time, but posting regularly helps your content appear in news feeds. Consistent, relevant content demonstrates to social media algorithms that your posts are worthy of constantly appearing in various news feeds, attracting followers to your page.

Final thoughts

Using the proper social media channels, sharing relevant content, and planning when to post your content can all help your business and organically increase your social media followers. If you need assistance, refer to our post on how to increase your authentic followers.


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