Thryv Named Top SaaS Company for Customer Service Award

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By Jacob Maslow

Once again, Thryv has been shortlisted for the SaaS Awards. For the second year in a row, Thryv has been nominated along with 15 other finalists for the Best SaaS Product for Customer Services/CRM.

This award is given among a selection of outstanding international SaaS companies. The nomination as a top contender shows Thryv has been recognized for its ability to help small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB) with its customer relationship management processes.

The entries for this SaaS Award category are expected to have end-to-end customer experience platforms that improve the experience and support the user’s journey. Evidence in the form of customer testimonials is required to prove the value and effectiveness of the platform.

Thryv is focused on helping SMBs modernize their processes by bringing a number of tools into one central hub. The company offers a platform that helps improve billing processes, communication with clients, organizing meeting calendars and more.

Karen Brockington is the owner of The Brockington Firm LLC and she has been using Thryv to grow her financial services firm with a more professional approach to customer communication. Her testimonial is an example of the kind of feedback Thryv was able to submit for the SaaS Award:

“As the company began to grow, I needed more of a compact way to be able to interact with my clients. Thryv has helped me solve those issues by combining a great system for me to communicate not just with my clients, but also with the outside world. It has allowed me to be able to send communications all at once to all of my clients. … Thryv has allowed me to be able to do business well and to let people know we are professional and that we care about what we do.”

The SaaS technologies have been a crucial support for SMB during the pandemic. This award comes at a time when digital migration has been a huge push for SMBs. Earning this nomination means Thryv is part of the solution for smaller companies with a huge potential for online growth.

“Just as SaaS technologies have been vital in pivoting organizational functions to respond to global crises, they will be essential as we look forward to returning to normal levels of productivity,” said James Williams, Head of Operations for the SaaS Awards in a recent statement about the award nominees. “The shortlisted candidates announced today, have made it through that first round. They represent truly innovative thinkers in the SaaS industry, whether they’re freshly-funded disruptors or established names. Our judges have some incredibly difficult decisions to make before announcing the final winners in each category of the software awards at the end of August.”

Thryv is a Dallas-based innovative company with a focus on simplifying many of the daily processes involved with running a business in the digital age. The SaaS platform helps business owners put their customers first by automating tasks and improving communication. Thryv helps users “get the job, manage the job, and get credit online” while building stronger connections along the way.

Jorge Vasquez is the owner of KC Credit GURU and a client of Thryv. “You have so many different softwares out there,” he explained in a review of the platform. “I think in the beginning we had 4 or 5 different softwares…just wasted a lot of time. When we got introduced to Thryv, it completely simplified our process and our communication.”

Many small- and mid-sized businesses are making this move to the online sphere and gladly accepting support to streamline the process.

“Small businesses are moving to the cloud and we are providing them the tools they need to automate and modernize their businesses,” said Thryv CEO Joe Walsh. “We see clients putting their faith in us as they take that leap to manage and grow their business using modern small business software,” Joe Walsh continued. “Small businesses need an end-to-end solution, not several different point solutions. Multiple solutions are expensive and are difficult to manage. Thryv provides the frictionless and simplified experience small businesses need.”

Thryv’s VP of Product and Marketing, Ryan Cantor, says that the award just goes to show how much Thryv is doing for its clients. “This recognition from the SaaS Awards is a true testament to how our software solution is helping Thryv users create exceptional customer experiences for their clients,” he noted. “Our CRM is at the center of all user activity, including a verticalized structure with industry-specific functionality, a customer-facing portal and integration with communication, payments and all other customer-centric activity.”

Along with other awards and nominations throughout the year, Thryv has also been named a top contender for the 2021 Capterra Marketing Automation Software Top Performer award. This award is given to the SaaS companies that have the highest scores in popularity and user ratings.

The SaaS Award winners will be finalized and announced on August 31, 2021.

About Thryv Holdings, Inc.

The company owns the easy-to-use Thryv® end-to-end customer experience software built for small business that helps over 40,000 SaaS clients with the daily demands of running a business. With Thryv, they can get the job, manage the job and get credit. Thryv’s award-winning platform provides modernized business functions, allowing small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMB) to reach more customers, stay organized, get paid faster and generate reviews. These include building a digital customer database, automated marketing through email and text, updating business listings across the internet, scheduling online appointments, sending notifications and reminders, managing ratings and reviews, generating estimates and invoices and processing payments.

Thryv supports franchise operators and multi-location business owners with Hub by Thryv™, a software console that enables business managers to oversee their operations using the Thryv software.

Thryv also connects local businesses to consumer services through our search, display and social media management products, our print directories featuring The Real Yellow Pages® tagline, and our local search portals, which operate under the®,® and URLs and reach some 35 million monthly visitors. For more information about the company, visit

Thryv delivers business services to more than 360,000 SMBs across America that enable them to compete and win in today’s economy.

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