The E-Commerce Lifeline: 5 Essentials When Choosing a Custom Order Fulfillment Company

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By Jacob Maslow

It’s good to have the greatest kinds of products in the world. However, it won’t be good if you cannot deliver it to your clients as and when due. That is where choosing a fulfillment company for your business comes in, as it is a vital decision.

If you make the right choice, your fulfillment partner can contribute immensely to your brand’s progress. Conversely, making the wrong choice could ruin your customer experience and hinder you from generating future revenue from repeat clients.

Although there is a wide range of fulfillment companies, there are certain things you should look out for before you select one. This article is set to inform you on those things.

5 Essentials When Choosing a Custom Order Fulfillment Company

Fast Shipping Speeds


Clients nowadays expect their orders to get to them as early as possible. Therefore, working with a custom order fulfillment company that can swiftly meet the growing requirements will greatly help. If not, you will risk losing out on your sales.

The best centers for fulfillment are expected to have several locations, efficient organization, and automation in place, which enables them to have your products taken out of the door and to the customer early enough without delay.

Site of Fulfillment Warehouses

Since customers want shipping speeds as fast as lightning, an essential component of the process is the closeness of the fulfillment warehouse to the clients. The distance your products have to travel to a delivery location depends on how close the order fulfillment center is. On that note, shorter travel distances for delivery mean shorter shipping timelines and lower shipping costs.

Hence, when selecting a fulfillment company, you must know the location of their fulfillment warehouses. A fulfillment company with only a few fulfillment warehouses will probably find it hard to deliver at the speed your clients expect.

Therefore, working with such fulfillment companies could harm your user experience. Ensuring that your fulfillment partner has warehouses around your clients’ location is crucial.

In addition, if you sell around the world before agreeing to work with a fulfillment company, you must be certain that the company you are considering partnering with can provide global shipping. Bear in mind that if you cannot ship your products to where your clients are, your business will not thrive long.

Properties of Order Fulfillment Software

As the owner of an eCommerce business, you must have a lot of things going on. Besides, you must already use several digital tools, platforms, and applications for daily operations. Thus, you would not want to implement disorganized, slow, and virtually impossible software to figure out.

In that case, it is essential not to limit your research to the fulfillment company you are considering working with. You should also examine the order fulfillment software they are using.

Fulfillment companies utilize various order fulfillment software coupled with several capabilities and features. It is also essential to know what your goals and needs truly are and after that, choose a fulfillment partner who leverages software with features that can align.

Moreover, you will want to ensure that the order fulfillment software of the company is easy to implement and use throughout daily activities, along with the fact that it can seamlessly connect with other platforms and business applications you are using already.

For example, your e-commerce fulfillment company should be able to give clients a portal that enables them to track the status of their orders. The software should also provide comprehensive reporting on delivery times and freight costs. Those straightforward and automated procedures are created for simplicity and give room for real-time functionality on your site.

Reliability and Transparency

Because several businesses are selling comparable goods, it can take a while for clients to conclude on the ones worth buying. Hence, people tend to stay with an organization for a long time the moment they find one trustworthy. Interestingly, transparency is a way to go about developing that trust.

A vital element of transparency is the procedure for your fulfillment. Clients value extra features, including the option to track shipments. Imagine your fulfillment company fails to get clients’ items to them within the stated period. Customers will then become less inclined to continue shopping with your organization. Avoid making promises you cannot keep.


You should expect early up-front fees when surrendering fulfillment to a third party. Yet, you will save money on expenses, labor, packing materials, and more over time. Additionally, you would like to confirm that your fulfillment partner can offer you the best.

Since you desire your products to reach your clients, they continue moving. This means your fulfillment company is not expected to charge you for prolonged storage.

Furthermore, considering the volume of packages, fulfillment services can negotiate lower rates from carriers compared to what a single e-commerce business can. You want to ensure that some of these savings are getting passed to you. Through the provision of free or discounted shipping, these lower expenses often give room for e-commerce companies to compete with traditional bigwigs.

Choosing the Best Fulfillment Company

A lot of businesses sell products to clients. They engage in several market niches and supply multiple products to the public.

Some businesses are local, while others ship their goods around the world. Irrespective of the size of those businesses or the kinds of products being sold, they all share a characteristic in common. Therefore, a considerable portion of their success relies on dependable order fulfillment services.

With the tips described above, there is a high probability of picking the best order fulfillment company for your shipping desires.

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