The Causes and Types of Injuries in Aviation Accidents

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By Richard

An airplane is the best mode of transportation to different countries. It is fast and convenient.

However, there is always a risk of accidents due to negligence on the part of various parties. According to recent reports, 376 people lost their lives in 2022 due to US-registered airplane crashes. A total of 1,225 airplane crashes occurred in 2022.

These numbers are scary. Aviation accident victims can take action by filing a claim with the help of aviation injury attorneys from DJC Law or other reputed law firms.

These lawyers help victims recover the losses they incurred as a result of the accident.

This blog post discusses the common reasons for aviation accidents and the common injuries victims sustain.

Common Causes of Aviation Accidents

Pilot Error

Driver negligence is the most common reason for aviation accidents. Pilots are responsible for safely flying people from point A to point B.

However, their negligence leads to accidents. Some examples of driver errors are:

  • Improper use of equipment
  • Ineffective/incorrect communication with the air traffic controller
  • Navigational errors
  • Failure to follow certain guidelines

Air Traffic Controller Negligence

The air traffic controller monitors the air traffic around airports. They inform pilots when to land and take off. They are responsible for the smooth flow of air traffic.

Even a minor error on the part of an air traffic controller can lead to catastrophic accidents. Working while tired or drunk can lead to these types of accidents.

Defective Equipment

Defective equipment is a major reason for both road and air accidents. A defective part in an airplane is a huge problem. Imagine you are 30,000 feet above the ground and find out that there is a problem with the airplane.

You can hold the product manufacturer or the mechanic team that recently worked on the airplane for a crash caused by defective parts.

Negligence on the Part of Crew Members

The airline crew member’s negligence can also lead to accidents. The airline crew members are responsible for clearing obstructions off of the airplane’s path. Obstructions on the path during take-off or landing can lead to accidents.

Common Injuries That Aviation Accident Victims Will Sustain

  • Burns: Fires are a common occurrence in aviation accidents. So burn injuries are pretty common in aviation accidents. Burns can be catastrophic based on the degree of burns. It can also lead to emotional distress due to disfigurement.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury: TBIs are also a common consequence of aviation accidents. People with TBI will struggle to carry out simple day-to-day tasks that they were doing before the accident.
  • Broken Bones: You may sustain multiple fractures in your bones. People with broken bones may struggle with everyday activities temporarily.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: You may sustain whiplash as a result of the accident. Whiplash occurs due to sudden movement of the head, which can happen in an aviation accident.

Other than this, you may also sustain emotional trauma. Many victims seem to ignore the emotional side effects of accidents. In most cases, the emotional effect of the accident will be far worse than your physical injuries.

Final Thoughts

An aviation accident can completely ruin a person’s life in all aspects. The victim can mitigate these consequences greatly with the help of experienced aviation accident lawyers.

The problem with aviation accidents is that investigating them is difficult. A lawyer can easily solve this problem with the numerous connections they have with private investigators.

These investigators will conduct a thorough investigation and gather relevant evidence that can win you the case. Then the lawyer will use the evidence to convince the insurance agency to settle for fair compensation. It is best to involve a lawyer in the initial stages to improve the chances of obtaining fair compensation.

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