The Best Source for Online Business Analysis

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By Jacob Maslow

It is important for all businesses to be aware of their metrics. This is particularly true of new businesses. 2021 will be the year for popular online applications for business analysis. Entrepreneurs who launch a new business would need to access such applications, giving them reliable predictions for their investments.

No matter how big or small your investment could be, you have many online tools to give you suitable guidance. People who want to risk their money in online entrepreneurship should also be ready to find the right analytics tools. Here are some of the most competitive applications that are eligible to give you business advice and analysis:


Kissmetrics is a newly founded application that can give you charts and information about the course of your online business. It gathers data from a white range of online apps that include search engines and forums. Kissmetrics can give you more information about your cash flow and business needs than any other application. You have access to boards and forums where people share their views. Kissmetrics is the application that will bring your business to the next evolution level.

2-Google Data Studio

Another huge source of analysis for an online business is the Google Data Studio. Google’s software runs automatically when you register your website and can give you viable and up-to-date information about your site traffic and users’ engagement. If you run an online business, it gives you advice about your weak points, mention what your competitors do better, and get more income. If you use the free Google Data studio version, you can go up to a specific detail level. Business owners could enter the paid version for more precise and current information.

3-IBM Cognos Analytics

Every business owner knows about IBM Cognos Analytics. IBM’s software gives you access to a universe of information that otherwise would never become accessible by your business experts. It can connect all your information technology end-users to a shared cloud where you can exchange information and apply new projects. Not to mention that IBM helps you to create dashboards and discussion sessions with customers making the interaction more straightforward and faster than ever before. Reports given free to the executive team are also another option you have to pay for in IBM Cognos Analytics.


Looker is the ultimate umbrella program for analytics of small online start-ups. This program has a complete suite of emails and dashboards that can connect all your organization’s various employees. Looker can also drag data from the web and show you the development of your business through a specific timeframe. It can monitor your expenses and give you more insight from other companies that compete with you in the targeted market. Looker is a free application that makes you feel at home when you refer to your online business environment.

5-Microsoft Power BI

If you want to master business analytics for smaller or larger start-ups, you need to consider the Microsoft Power BI application. It has been the very first application to use Microsoft’s massive scanning capacity to give you updated data about the market. It can also give you the traffic you get to your site and how you can attract more customers faster than before. The Power BI is a tool that needs registration and comes with a monthly fee. However, you will get compensated by the improved business information and the excellent analysis tables it reports to your executive team.


Business analysis tools are necessary for people to become successful in the online market. These tools are either free or can give you information for a minimal amount of money: it is well deserved!


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