Thailand: Phuket Body in Bin killer Stein Dokset sentenced to nine years

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By J Maslow

Norwegian Stein Dokset sentenced to nine years in prison
Norwegian Stein Dokset sentenced to nine years in prison. Stein Havard Dokset, 52, who has already served three years, will be free in 2021.

PHUKET, Thailand:– Stein Dokset, a Norwegian national who murdered his former lover and concealed her body in a bin for more than two years has today been sentenced to nine years in prison.

Dokset, who has been in custody in the provincial prison in Phuket since he was arrested in late February 2012, has always denied he murdered 33 year old Rungnapa “June” Ratchasombut.

Ms Ratchasombut, who was found in the man’s dumpster at his villa on Phuket, had been missing since the summer of 2009 and the Norwegian was arrested for having killed her and concealing the body, after concerned members of her family persuaded the police to investigate her disappearance.

According to Stein Dokset, an accident caused her death. In an interrogation he explained the authorities that the two had an argument, during which she fell down some stairs and died. When he discovered that she was dead he panicked and concealed the body.
He had managed to hide the body for over two years until the maid noticed strange smells around the house and the police raided the villa.
If found guilty, Dokset could face the death penalty.


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