Suicide bomber kills 1 at Saudi mosque near Yemen border

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At least one person has been killed and others have been injured after a suicide bomber targeted worshippers at a mosque in the Saudi city of Najran.

The attack happened when a person wearing an explosives belt detonated his or her explosives when worshippers began leaving the al-Mashhad mosque at the conclusion of evening prayers.

One person was killed and a number of others were injured, according to an interior ministry spokesman, who said the authorities were investigating the incident. A police spokesman told Saudi TV that 19 people had been injured, including two who were seriously injured.

Al-Arabiya TV had initially put the number of fatalities at 3, but authorities would only confirm two fatalities, which includes both the victim and the suicide bomber.

It was not immediately known who was behind Monday’s suicide attack, which occurred not far from the border with Yemen, where a Saudi-led military intervention is underway. The Islamic State (ISIS), however, has carried out a number of similar attacks over the past few months.

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