Stream Energy Continues to Empower Women

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By Jacob Maslow

With over $8 million in lifetime revenue earned over 12 years, Stream Energy (now Stream) has grown to become one of the largest direct selling companies in the global energy market. Stream Energy is continuously evolving as a highly-modern company providing its customers with innovative services. Even though the Dallas-based company offers various services, its main focus is still energy services. Currently, the company’s energy services are available in Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., New York, Illinois, Delaware and most recently, Ohio.
Over the years, Stream Energy has invested both time and money into programs and solutions that support its independent associates. Independent associates are the backbone of the company and sell the services that Stream Energy provides. The concept for an associate is simple – get paid for selling Stream Energy services and signing up new customers. As associates build relationships with their customers, the opportunity to earn rewards and income increase. Becoming an associates means being part of a business that’s already established and lucrative.
With the success that Stream Energy has gained through its associates, the company knows the importance of fostering associates’ talent and helping them grow their network. Whether a millennial or retiree, being a Stream Energy associate offers an alternative to a nine-to-five office job. For women who are pregnant, new moms or retired, having the stress of the nine-to-five environment is lifted, and being able to earn a living from the comfort of your own home makes becoming a Stream Energy associate so much more beneficial.
In recent years, one of the main avenues of the company’s investments has been on helping women get ahead in business. Stream Energy knows how crucial the power of women can be, especially in the workplace. In 2010, the company founded the Women of Power program. Knowing the importance of women, this program inspires, motivates and mentors Stream Energy’s female independent associates to better their business, and it quickly turned into a community of like-minded individuals.
What Is Stream Energy’s Women of Power?

Women of Power was founded to help recognize the unique strengths and talents that women bring to the table to create success. The main purpose of this program is to develop and promote women leadership within the Stream Energy network of independent associates. Women of Power is an incredibly positive program that helps women build their confidence and strengthen their professional leadership skills as independent associates. It also gives women a chance to connect with each other, support each other and find purpose together.
With the help of various women in business, this unique community of associates has discovered their potential, developed their strengths and have been given the tools to be successful. One way that Women of Power do this is through an annual retreat. The retreat allows this community of women to get together, learn from their peers and move forward within their individual businesses.
In 2017, women from all across America met at the Women of Power retreat which was themed ‘Shine.’
”Each year, our retreat has a theme. This year [2017], the theme was Shine,” explained Stream Energy’s former Chief Financial Officer Renée Hornbaker, who also co-founded the Women of Power group. “Together, we focused on the importance of letting our true selves shine through with confidence, and how that practice can inspire others to do the same.”
Throughout this weekend retreat, the female attendees were exposed to several successful speakers. In the past, this lineup has included best-selling author Nicole Lapin, business leader Karen Leland and wellness consultant Melissa Mark Garner. In addition, workshops are held that focus on building confidence and skill building which will help them reach their business goals. Workshops also include sessions such as “How to Be Your Own Boss” which focus on personal branding, visualization and mindfulness.
“Associates who engage in any Stream event usually see their businesses thrive because of the resources they gain there,” said Stream Director of Events Chelsey Berend. “Those who attended the retreat this weekend walked away with a whole new set of valuable skills that will serve them well as Women of Power.”
In 2018, the two-day retreat will be held from July 20-22 at The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa in Savannah, Georgia. With the 2018 theme being ‘Dream’, the retreat aims to turn associates business dreams into reality. The retreat will focus on building a better life, dreaming bigger and empowering women. The weekend is designed to have fun and promotes female camaraderie with fellow women of power.

From the time a Stream Energy associate joins Women of Power, they do not only receive the training, tool, and skills tailored for women in business, but also get a chance to connect with Stream women who are on the same success path as them. Additionally, the women that choose to join Women of Power learn from successful women on how to achieve a good work-life balance. Most importantly, Women of Power offers women a community of like-minded individuals that understand exactly what their peers are going through. As moms, grandmothers, sisters and aunties, women deal with a lot in life and this community will help them in more ways than they can imagine. The overall goal of Stream Energy’s Women in Power community is to develop strong female leadership. Stream Energy hopes to give women the skills to connect, motivate and inspire others while continuing reaching their goals.


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