Staying Financially Afloat After an Accident

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By Jacob Maslow

There are many times in life when you can struggle financially. Even if you try to plan for the worst times, an unexpected problem can come along, making it difficult for you to stay afloat. One of these times is when you have an accident and cannot return to work because of an injury. Even if you can return to work eventually, the gap in your income can be difficult to recover from. If you’ve planned well, you might have some savings to help you. But even savings can only last so long, and it’s important to have other forms of support.

Use Your Personal Insurance Coverage

Another great way to be prepared for being unable to work is to take out insurance. Of course, this is something you must have done before an accident. There are insurance policies that are designed to provide you with income protection or cover you financially if you become injured or disabled. If you have this type of insurance, you can check your policy and determine how to make a claim. Make sure you check how long you have to claim, as well as how payouts work.

Access Compensation

There’s also likely some type of compensation you can receive from your employer’s insurance or some workplace compensation scheme. This usually applies if you were injured at work or while working. You should be protected whether you were on the premises or doing your job elsewhere, such as on the road or in a customer’s house. If you need help making a claim, you might benefit from working with a WorkCover lawyer. A lawyer can give you the support you need to ensure a fair outcome when making a claim.

Check Eligibility for Other Benefits

There might also be other benefits you’re eligible for when you cannot work. Some of these could be through your employer, or they could be from the government. The benefits you can access will depend on several factors, including how long you will be out of work, the reasons you can’t work, and your evidence. You might be able to access sick pay or similar benefits that will cover part or sometimes all of your usual income so that you can pay your expenses.

Work from Home

In some circumstances, you might be able to work from home. While recovering, you may be unable to travel to your usual workplace or fulfill your usual duties. However, you might be able to work from home or be given different duties until you’re back on your feet again. Speak to your employer about whether you can change your place of work or your responsibilities while recovering.

It can be tough to stay afloat financially after you’ve been in an accident. However, there are options to help you out.

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