Start-up Technology Spotlight: Gamification

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By Jacob Maslow

gamificationIf you’re interested in investing in any type of technology company, you are probably already aware that there are a lot of buzzwords out there. It seems that many of these companies were formed specifically to take advantage of a particular technology trend. The company might not really embody the technology, but the people behind it figured they could raise a lot more money by throwing some hot terms around. The good news is that most of those startups tend to focus on big data and cloud computing or shared economy on the mobile app space. There is one space that is not relatively crowded in the tech space. Gamification. There is a lot to be excited about this technology.


How gamification works


Gamification is all about using any kind of process and breaking it down into elements that have the form of game elements. For example, if you are trying to gamify a company’s sales and marketing department, you can create technology that would reduce sales operations and targets into levels, achievements, and other familiar gaming concepts. Why do this? Gamification breaks down a process into a form that makes it fun. It works wonders when giving end users and customers an otherwise complicated process. Also, it’s great for customer retention and can increase customer conversion.


Gamification is all about simplification and ensuring customer loyalty. As such, it has a lot of potential, especially when applied to mobile technology. There are a lot of crowdsourcing and big data opportunities for the mobile space. However, a lot of these processes can be quite complicated. With the gamification strategy, it is easier to unlock the sweet spot and full potential of mobile technology. Either as an add-on or as a specific product, gamification has a lot of potential.


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