Why Stamina Is So Important In Sales

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By Jacob Maslow

Not everyone is cut out for the rigour of sales, not the high expectations or the competition. Even if an applicant knows what they’re getting into, they can find it incredibly challenging to maintain their numbers, and consistently meet targets day in and day out. Nevertheless, to be successful in sales, an employee should demonstrate the same enthusiasm, motivation, and passion for the product on a Friday afternoon as they would on a Monday morning. Unfortunately, not everyone can harness this level of stamina; the key is finding the sales candidates that can.

A strong salesperson understands the importance of pacing themselves; this does not mean taking things easy when it’s convenient, rather it means giving each client or call the appropriate amount of time and attention while also knowing when to cut losses and move on. Pacing also means using breaks and time for recharge to prepare for the next work day and to maintain good performance. Imagine if your employee over exerted themselves Monday through Wednesday only to be too tired during a call on Thursday they knew was important. Someone with good stamina would ensure they have set aside the mental energy to bring that call their all and plan for how their efforts are distributed.

There are a number of helpful blogs out there that offer tips to help your sales team — and many suggest that salespeople should be viewing themselves as long distance runners, aiming for a goal down the line, rather than quick sell. Sprinting towards a target is fine to do at the beginning, or when a sale is close to being closed, but exceeding expectations often takes patience, strong will, and the ability to regulate one’s workload. What’s more is there’s an emotional stamina required of the job; salespeople must learn not to take their clients’ or customers’ refusals too personally. They must be able to hold long-term goals in perspective and not be derailed when something doesn’t go their way.

There are unfortunately few ways to see whether the prospective candidate you’re interviewing for an open position has the stamina the job demands – they won’t have a section mentioning stamina on their resume. While they might appear confident in an interview, it’s impossible to tell how long into a stressful day or week that confidence will last; it’s therefore important to find some other way of measuring this quality. One of the best solutions is to implement a sales personality test at some point during the hiring process. Such tests only take candidates ten minutes to complete and are available for a competitive price through providers like SalesTestOnline.

These evaluations measure potential hires against a benchmark profile created for your position by means of rigorous analysis of your company and its needs. The test’s success is only supported by a 90% accuracy rate and 97% reorder rate by previous users. Ensure those you take on can pace themselves in a highly demanding sector, that they won’t burn out after a few months, or even a few weeks on the job. Alleviate the stress of hiring risk and wasting company resources on employees that won’t work out long term; get the transparency you need today.

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