Soldier dressed as suicide bomber for Halloween sparks bomb scare at U.S. base

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A soldier dressed as a suicide bomber for Halloween sparked a major bomb scare at the Fort Bragg army base in North Carolina, military officials say.

The incident happened when a soldier dressed as a suicide bomber with a fake explosives belt attempted to enter Fort Bragg through one of the access control points. The sighting of the soldier sparked a major emergency at the base and forced an extended closure of the area while the bomb squad examined the scene.

Investigators eventually confirmed that the soldier did not have any explosives, and that he or she was clothed to resemble a suicide bomber to mark Halloween. It was not immediately clear whether the soldier would face criminal charges or be reprimanded

“The Fort Bragg Garrison Commander wants the community to have a safe and fun Halloween; however, costumes of this sort are not allowed on Fort Bragg,” the base said in a statement. “All costumes should be appropriate in dress and tasteful. The Senior Commander of Fort Bragg further directs that Soldiers not wear costumes of this sort off post and strongly encourages Soldiers, DA Civilians, and Family members to follow the same guidance to prevent similar issues within our neighboring communities.”

The incident happened late on Friday night but was not disclosed until Saturday.

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