Short Interest in Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) Spikes 8.4%

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By Jacob Maslow

intel headquarters in mission college blvd of santa claraIntel Corporation is no lightweight. Intel is probably the maker of the chip powering the computer you are using to read this blog post. Unfortunately, chances are quite high that you are reading this blog post using your smartphone or tablet. In such a case, Intel is probably not the company behind the chip set powering the device you are using. This is precisely why Intel is in quite a rough shape recently as far as its stock is concerned.

Don’t get me wrong. This company still makes a lot of money. This company still has a huge asset infrastructure. It still has a massive global brand. There is no problem with those things. The problem is this company has been having a tough time transitioning to the mobile computing age.

Not surprisingly, a lot of traders are betting this company short. All told, it has 144.49 million shares sold short. These are positions that were taken out at a high price point and are looking to be sold once Intel shares crash even further.

It looks like the short-sellers are standing on good ground because the stock is now down on a year-to-year basis by around 15%. Unfortunately, the short-sellers might right on the stock. The short-term future doesn’t look all that bright for Intel.

However, the mid-term to long-term future might be different altogether. Intel’s been working on new flash memory scaling technology. If this pans out, expect this stock to not just stay relevant but actually get to a position where it can dominate once again.

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