Shanghai Composite Up 0.94% at Close

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By Jacob Maslow

China stocks closed higher on Tuesday after seeing gains from the Financial, Retail and Life Insurance sectors. The Shanghai Composite was up 0.94% at the time of closing. The SZSE Component also inched up 0.61%.

On the Shanghai Composite, the best performers included Tianjin Global (SS:600800), which was up 0.690 points, or 10.06% to 7.550; and Datong Coal (SS:601001), which was up 0.550 points, or 10.09%, to close at 6.000. Yunnan Yunwei (SS:600725) was also up 0.520 points, or 10.10%, to 5.670 at closing.

Some of the worst performers included Huajing (SS:600886), which was down 1.200 points, or 9.97%, to 10.840; and Jinbei Automot (SS:600609), which dropped 0.720 points, or 10.01%, to 6.470 at close.Tianyi Science (SS:600378) was also down 2.290 points, or 9.98%, to 20.650 at the time of closing.

Over on the SZSE Component, the top performers included Zhejiang Jingxing Paper Joint Stock Co Ltd, which was up 10%; Gansu Jingyuan Coal Industry and Electricity Power Co Ltd, which inched up 10.04%; and the Shanghai Metersbonwe Fashion&Accessories Co Ltd, which increased 10.09%.

Poor performers include Shaanxi Ligeance Mineral Resources Co Ltd (down 9.36%), Beijing Philisense Tech (down 9.99%) and Sichuan Jinlu Group Co Ltd (down 5.01%).

On the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the number of rising stocks outweighed the number of declining ones 661 to 298.


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