Send Packages in Style With Custom Mailer Boxes

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By Jacob Maslow

The traditional way to engage with people is not dead. There is nothing more exciting than having custom mailer boxes show up at your doorstep.

Everyone loves to come home to a bright and vibrant package. But, making it even more exciting is when you see the amount of effort put into the package. It will instantly make you wonder what is within and build anticipation for what you have received.

While much of the eCommerce world is cluttered, fast-paced, and hard to stand out amongst, going old school with sending out custom mailer boxes that incorporate your brand identity can help customers fall in love with you and be more loyal than ever.

The social media world we live in today means that if your box impresses someone, it will likely show up on their Instagram.

Mailer boxes are essentially boxes that are made out of corrugated cardboard. But what makes them unique is that they offer a whole new level of protection for the items within during the shipping process. In addition, the mailer boxes can be sent as is, and you do not have to worry about having any other external packaging.

With so many customized options, sending packages in style has never been easier or more beneficial.

Here are all the reasons you should send out custom mailer boxes whenever possible.

1. Provides a Lightweight Option

You do not want to feel weighed down by the mailer boxes. Luckily, these are made in one of the most lightweight manners possible. This is great for storing the boxes before you use them because they are compact and do not take up much space.

Equally, the mailer boxes are super easy to assemble as well. This makes it a stress-free process all around and will be something that equally makes it easier for customers on the receiving end to deal with and handle too.

2. Provides a Secure Option

With the custom mailer boxes being designed to champion sturdiness and durability, you do not have to stress about the contents of your package falling out or getting damaged in transit. The mailer boxes are designed to withstand the risk of being crushed or punctured.

Your package will still arrive in style even if it gets a bit rough in transit.

3. Provides a Cost Effective Branding Solution

With the ability to make your mailer box a literal brand advertisement, you can kill two birds with one stone when marketing. Not only can you incorporate all your brand messaging and identity elements, but you can equally get your key messages out there in a highly personable way.

By using mailer boxes as an advertisement, you have the chance to engage with your customers and speak to them in a unique way. Never again will you have this chance to have their full attention. So mailer boxes help you deliver those messages and get them to resonate.

There is no need to spend frivolously on other advertising means when you can tick all the boxes from a mailer box.

4. Provides Versatility for Your Needs

There is no one-size shapes all solution to shipping boxes. That is why custom mailer boxes allow you to design the dimensions and specifics you need for the items you send out. You can choose not only the style of the exterior of the box but also the interior too.

The mailer box allows you to have a custom fit to size solution so all the products you are shipping within can be created perfectly and to the vision you have for the ultimate customer experience of unboxing it.

5. Provides Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Another great benefit of custom mailer boxes is that you have a chance to make a difference for the planet. You can create your box from recycled material and packaging solutions that help your customers equally be sustainable.

The average consumer places a lot of importance on brands and their role in sustainable solutions. So why not use your mailer boxes to let them know you care about the planet and want to help them care for it.

6. Provides a Fun Experience

Finally, who does not want to have fun opening up the mail? The custom mailer boxes allow you to create an unforgettable unboxing experience that people will cherish, remember and tell others about. Going the extra mile with this can make a long-term difference to your reputation.


There are many benefits to using a custom mailer box. So send your packages in style and help your brand along the way. So how will you be designing your mailer box?

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