Saving For Your Dream Vacation

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By Richard

In today’s fast-paced world, every second counts. Many think that taking one quick break can cost them the promotion they have deserved when the truth is that not taking a vacation can even derail your career.


1. Dangers of Being Overworked and Why You Need a Vacation

You should never be too busy to take a vacation for many reasons.


Manage stress

It does not matter if you are experiencing minor stress or major stress because both have an impact on your health. Chronic health takes a toll on our physical health and mental capabilities, making us feel tired and unable to focus. It also weakens our immune system and makes us prone to illness. A vacation will not only reduce stress strains but its effects will last long after as studies show that people who do take a vacation experience less physical complaints attributable to stress like backaches and headaches and feel more motivated.


Enhanced productivity

People who take vacations benefit from better productivity. If a person is productive, that individual is happier. This feeling will then translate to an excellent job.


Reduced risk of heart irregularities

If you take yourself out of a stressful environment, then you are taking good care of your heart. A nine-year study revealed that men who took at least one vacation each year were 30% less likely to die because of heart-related health issues.


Better sleep quality

When there’s too much going on in our minds, it’s common for sleep to get disrupted. Lack of sleep means less focus, impaired memory, lower immune system and increased accident risk. A vacation is a great way to reset and restore your sleep pattern.


2. Planning Your Dream Vacation

If you’re on a budget and looking for a unique adventure, begin your planning process by going through this checklist.


Set a budget

Compromise between what you think you can spend and what you can realistically spend. You can sacrifice a few coffees and manicures so you can get the most out of your trip without having to sleep in a terrible hotel.


Do your homework

Once you know your dream destination, it’s time to start googling. Check an off-season date that comes with lower prices, but not during monsoon season which can ruin your holiday altogether.


Wrap up the details

Look for dreamy Airbnbs and get your tickets. Check if you need a PCR test, a vaccination and a visa. Do you have someone who will water your plants while you are gone or take care of your pets? Try to space your tasks out so that you’re not overwhelmed with tying up loose ends just before you leave.


3. Budgeting and Saving for Your Dream Vacation

Before you get to enjoy your dream vacation and some well-deserved R&R, you need a financial plan.


Start saving months in advance

The longer you save, the better your vacation can be. As little as $165 a month adds up to nearly $2,000 at the end of the year which is only $5.5 per day. If that’s too much for you, you need to get creative. Many people saving towards their vacation focus on lodging, air tickets, feeding, and paid fun activities. However, other minor but essential details must go into your financial planning. For example, what would you do with your luggage if you had time to spare on the first day of arriving at your destination? Dealing with travel bags before checking into a hotel can be inconvenient. You can prepare for such eventualities by making financial provision for temporary storage. Suppose you are vacationing in England. In that case, a left luggage London service can be useful if you budget for it.


Adopt energy conserving habits

Turn off the lights every time you leave the room or even better, find something to do without lighting such as meditation. Setting your thermostat at a higher temperature during summer will not only use less energy but also save you money on your Direct Energy bill. All you have to do is dress lightly and get a fan if you must, without forgetting to hydrate and your body will self-regulate without your thermostat having to work as hard.



It’s easy to say that we work to live, but the reality is that most of us spend our lives working as if we live to work. That kind of lifestyle takes a toll on our health and wellbeing. Therefore, vacations aren’t just a luxury, they are a necessity if we want to stay healthy and well.

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