Sanders: CEOs Like Hilary, Won’t Like Him

Bernie Sanders
Vermont senator Bernie Saunders greets supporters while attending the opening session of the 17th annual NAN convention in Times Square

Bernie Sanders has made a strong statement about Hillary Clinton: CEOs like Hillary. The statement is one that is rather true, according to contribution information for Hillary’s campaign. It seems like the presidential hopeful has a lot of friends at financial institutions who simply love to contribute to her campaign.

Sanders stated at the presidential debate on December 19 that “CEOs aren’t going to like him.” Sanders further stated that “Wall Street will like him even less.”

Sanders has been outspoken and stated that there’s an elephant in the room that needs to be discussed. The elephant is recklessness, greed and illegal behavior that has been occurring on Wall Street. Clinton even went on to say that corporations would “welcome her” into the White House, which is even more of a concern.

If Clinton wants to get the nomination, she may need to proceed with caution as she’s been very close with large corporations.

David Muir asked Hillary if businesses should love her. Hillary responded with “everybody should.” Hillary states that she wants to be successful and ensure that businesses pay their fair share when it comes to taxes. She even went on to say that she would include a “Buffett Rule” tax where millionaires would have to pay 30% tax rates, rather than the 10% tax rate maximums that they currently pay.

Clinton also stated that she wants to create jobs, and that she will need the support of businesses to do so.

Muir asked Sanders if “corporate America would love president Sanders?” Bernie Sanders replied that they “won’t love him.” Sanders stated that there are six major institutions in the United States that account for two thirds of all credit card debt and one third of all mortgage debt. Sanders states that three out of four of these financial institutions that were given bailout money are bigger today than they were in the past simply because they were “too big to fail.”

Sanders would like to reestablish the Glass-Steagall act and breakup major financial institutions. Another point that Sanders made was that he does not have a super PAC behind him, and that he does not want campaigns from corporate America to have an impact on his decisions as president.

Many people believe that the economy is being dragged down by corporations that are no longer providing capital and funding for small businesses to succeed. It’s an economy that is based off of larger corporations that control the future of smaller businesses that can help the American economy grow. Sanders does have a strong message to be heard, but he will need to find a way to elaborate his message to the everyday people without the help of the media.

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