Samsung Electronics breaks the speed barrier and releases 4 x faster microSD card

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By Larry Banks

Samsung Electronics releases super-fast, hi-capacity microSD memory card.

According a report out of the Far East on Friday, Samsung Electronics will release a new microSD memory card that is reportedly up to four times faster than current products. The memory card will be targeted at the premium memory card market.

Cho Jin-young from BusinessKorea reported on Friday that Samsung will release the Pro Plus 128 GB micro SD memory card in 50 countries including the US, Korea, China and Germany this month. The card is the latest innovation to come out of the South Korea electronics giant, and joins the smaller-capacity 32 GB and 64 GB versions that were released in.

However, the latest model delivers higher speeds and storage capacity than available today, with read/write speeds up to 90 Megabytes per second, four times faster than current products.

The card also offers “UHD Speed Class 3 (U3)” which is needed for 4K ultra-HD video recording. As the hi-res video format requires faster data transfer speeds than current cards, the Pro Plus 128 is expected to be a favourite with 4K recording enthusiasts as it make it more feasible to record high frame rates of 4K video on a wide variety of devices that require super-fast data transfer to memory card.

SOURCE: BusinessKorea.

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