Rubio wins Republican caucus in D.C., Cruz wins delegates in Wyoming

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U.S. Senator Marco Rubio has won the Republican caucus in Washington, D.C., while Senator Ted Cruz has snagged most of the delegates at county conventions in Wyoming. Front-runner Donald Trump performed poorly in all 3 races.

Results released by the Republican Party in the nation’s capital showed that Rubio won the vote with 37.3 percent, while Ohio Governor John Kasich finished second with a difference of just 50 votes. Cruz and Trump got 12.4% and 13.8% respectively.

The results mean that Rubio will receive 10 pledged delegates from the District of Columbia and Kasich gets the remaining 9. Because Cruz and Trump both failed to reach the 15 percent threshold, neither will receive any delegates.

In Wyoming, party officials announced that Cruz had won the vast majority of delegates that were up for grabs during Saturday’s county conventions. The final results showed 9 delegates for Cruz, 1 delegate each for Rubio and Trump, and 1 delegate that went uncommitted.

Unlike most states where party members vote for their favorite candidate, Republicans in Wyoming vote for local candidates who in most cases have pledged to support a certain presidential candidate, though uncommitted delegates may also be chosen.

Because none of the delegate candidates were aligned with Kasich, the governor was unable to get any votes at the county conventions. The statewide convention is due to take place in Wyoming next month, during which.another 14 delegates are up for grabs.

Also on Saturday, Guam Governor Eddie Calvo, who is one of the territory’s six unpledged delegates, pledged to support Cruz at the Republican convention, but the five other delegates remain uncommitted.

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